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Welcome to the FoxLearn Today we will learn how to create a metro web browser with tabs First, You need to install the package Metro Framework The Metro Modern UI or MetroFramework brings Windows 8 UI to .NET Windows Forms applications We will design a simple UI that allows you to add tabs to the web browser You need to add a metro tab control to form 1 A Metro TabControl contains tab pages, which are represented by TabPage objects that you add through the TabPages property The order of tab pages in this collection reflects the order the tabs appear in the control The user can change the current TabPage by clicking one of the tabs in the control We will create a TabPage, then add the TabPage to the MetroTab control You need to add a WebBrowser control to the TabPage With the WebBrowser control, you can add Web browser functionality to your application The control works like a Web browser by default After you load an initial URL by setting the Url property, you can navigate by clicking hyperlinks or by using keyboard shortcuts to move backward and forward through navigation history By default, you can access additional browser functionality through the right-click shortcut menu You can also open new documents by dropping them onto the control The WebBrowser control also has several properties, methods and events that you can use to implement user interface features similar to those found in Internet Explorer. Thank you for watching this video

33 thoughts on “C# Tutorial – Flat Design Web Browser with Tabs | FoxLearn

  1. lol "Buy this icon $1"… proceeds to right click and save image as… xD xD xD That's why I don't understand image selling websites.

  2. hi congratulation for yours videos, i have any problem in this project cause in tools Box i don't see the metroFramework,

  3. hi! how create this project support javascript? for example: this page not open http://ilinpage.me/behaviors.html

  4. Good tutorial…i still have a question.for pressing a enter to navigate, i just tried this code if (e.KeyCode == Keys.Enter)
    e.SuppressKeyPress = true;
    but nothing work so i aint know why.for makeing refrsh do u have an idea using metro please?

  5. dont forgot to add keypress event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    if you want enter:
    private void txtUrl_KeyPress(object sender, KeyPressEventArgs e)
    if(e.KeyChar == (char)13)
    WebBrowser browser = TabControl.SelectedTab.Controls[0] as WebBrowser;
    if (browser != null)

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