C# project Food delivery desktop application with login ,registration forms and sql connection

hello hi guys welcome to Randy Creations
in this video I am going to show you the desktop application randy food palace this is delivery application
i developed this by using C sharp as
language and SQL database here I am giving brief explanation I just
showing you the sample purposes yeah you ok am opening this application this
is my login form in this login form I took two text boxes and two
labels and these are icons this is also label picture boxes this is a login button
this is the registration link okay well now I am typing here
one random password random user name and random password actually
first we need to register because we are not authorized user we need registration
am giving random credentials possible will check what it shows okay
it shows one message box now I am going to a registration form this is my registration
here II am giving one user name randy double five okay observed now here I am giving one
wrong password when this password text box and conform pswd textbox es are
equal at that time only in that form there might read I will store into the
database if I’m facing Shannon it shows one message box first what is mismatch
now I am correcting that password and I get it to text to me a login form here I
am typing username Randy what pressing enter okay these are this is on my main form
these are all buttons these are labels these are all links
no I’m pressing home button when I’m pressing home button it show visible
one form yeah this form is custom control for me in this custom control form i
took background color as black in custom i kept information in
some labels this is picture box this is button yeah
if it is if it is web application it is possible to give information in content page but this is desktop aplication that’s why I took the
information in a lable that information it it shows to us one form to us
i just took here one screden shot if you want to give Google Maps
links can you but I didn’t fully implimented this application so I’m pressing it when I’m passing it
it takes me the main page of my application eat in here i kept main items of the bakery in that hotel it shows one loading page I took here – cards and money cash and
Emery these are two combo boxes these two are just boxes
well this is customer care in this customer I didn’t wrote anything here
because it is not fully implimented this
is all about owner information and now I am going to pressing in the profile button
in this i added my profiles screenshot I just kept to get now I’m going
to press the fb link when I am pressing wearing it takes me to internet connection business code what was i wrote for
this application yeah first we will see from log in pafge
yes this is my login page this is the i just giving introduction about
application I am NOT going to full explanation this is my main form t
these are picture boxes this is label the links these are custom control forms while comming to custom control forms after building of thease custom control forms p
whenever you build this custom a control forms these forms visible to us in tool box from tool box we can drag and drop into any another forms also this is small introduction about my project thanks guys

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  1. Super randy….keep it up hero.the next food revolution is going to started by your recipees…all the best for your upcoming mission😎

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