BSc Software Engineering Graduate, Andrew Thomas (UWTSD Computing)

My name’s Andrew Thomas, I graduated in 2006
from University of Wales, Trinity St David. I studied Software Engineering and I’m currently
technical director of Brightseed Limited. The most important skill that is required
within my role would definitely be more man-management, but also supported with the skillsets that
I’ve learnt within software engineering. Architecting a large system is quite a task for any software developer to understand and to deliver, and this was one of the skills that was taught during our modules at the University. Brightseed is a digital creative agency and we have a
large scope to be creative. The creative side as in the visual side and there’s also creative
as in technical. We have to be creative to be able to deliver our software solutions.
We often have customers who approach us with an idea and an end goal, and they don’t understand
how to get to that point with their business. So we often sit and get close with the customer,
and look to deliver a solution through being creative. Understanding their business, understanding
their end goals, and we often deliver what they hadn’t really expected. The University
of Wales, Trinity St David certainly opened up my view of the skillsets required to be
a software developer. The skills that were taught were vital to me being in the position that
I’m in today. I chose to attend the University of Wales, Trinity St David because they had
the course that I was looking for to put myself in the position where I could be employable
at the end of the course. There was a point when we decided to incorporate ourselves and
leave our current full-time positions and two years ago I approached one of my senior
lecturers, and we were lucky enough to secure an office inside the University, through the
help of our lecturers. As a mature student, I had an idea of what I wanted to do after
I graduated, and the course that was there was able to deliver that for me.

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