13 thoughts on “Browser testing with Travis & Sauce Labs — Polycasts #38

  1. +Rob Dodson As always great Polycast and happy new year team polymer hoping that we continue to surprise with their contributions on the web. Web components are the future

  2. I've set this up for a simple component.
    My tests work perfectly locally.
    When I run them on sauce labs, only the async tests (with a done() method call) fail.

    Anybody has any idea why this is?
    I'm waiting for an event to be fired, but wct tells me the done method is never called.
    (so the event is not received I think).

  3. +robdodson This Polycast doesn't seem to be in the Polycast's playlist., so my subscription didn't pick it up. Only got here from the Polymer Google+ group.

    Good an useful information as always.

  4. +robdodson I am new to polymer and I love it… But I want to integrate it with Android Studio coz I want to develop an android app using polymer. Thanks

  5. You shouldn't have bothered blurring the API key. either mark it out completely or don't show it, as blurred information can be recovered. But it's probably fine.

  6. What is the best way to asynchronously load multiple elements? Is there something similar importHref available for multiple imports? They easy way would be to create new file and place the import the required elements in that file and then use importHref to load this file. But this will add an extra HTTP request which is bad for load time. So is there another way?

  7. Great job Dodson! But I have a question about sauce labs, do I have to create a new account(with new email) to use open sauce for my EVERY open source github project? I can't sign up opensauce with same username or email, and it seems that I can't just add a project to my current account.

  8. +robdodson:
    Hi Rob, Thanks for the vid, works great with Travis CI. Any tuts available to do the same with Jenkins?

  9. Does anyone know where their "Repository URL" field in the signup form is gone? In their instructions for setting up Open Source project tests they still refer to it, but I can't find it anywhere. 🙁

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