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yo what’s up everybody should boy floss
back again with another video and today we’re gonna do a quick unboxing of the
iPad pro the smart Keyboard folio and the old new Apple pencil now you can
pick these up directly from Apple I’ll throw the link up in the description the
prices range from damn to what in other words 1,000 bucks all
the way up to 1,900 bucks now it comes in two different colors silver or Space
Gray now you can get Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and cellular if you want just Wi-Fi 64 gigs
that’s gonna run you 1,000 bucks 256 gigs 1,150 bucks 512 gigs 1350 bucks and
the big boy 1 terabyte 1,750 bucks now if you want Wi-Fi and cellular just add
150 bucks to each of those sort of one terabyte version 1,900 bucks good lord
that’s a lot of money now if you want the smart Keyboard folio that’s gonna
run you 200 bucks and the Apple pencil 130 bucks alright so let’s go through
the specs real quick for the display you got a twelve point nine inch IPS LCD
panel with the resolution of 2048 by 27 32 now that’s 256 for the PPI Patrol now
for the chipset you got the Apple a 12 X Bionic Super Sonic

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