Bots High Trailer – Robotics Documentary | Watch It Now on iTunes, YouTube, and more!

Three, two, one, fight. Everybody there is competing for first place.
There’s only one first place. We wanted to build a robot that would just
destroy everything. So what happened? Our robot caught on fire. I have a whole room full of robot builders. People are a little taken aback that there
are so many teams that are completely girls. There are girls who like this stuff? You’re a girl? You’re in BattleBots? Do you
even know what a motor is? We’re just going to drift around and spin
sometimes. It’s going to be really, really surprising
if that robot makes it. I can’t motivate myself to do anything useful. Because, yeah, you chose school over this. We just ruined our robot. He is a sadistic young man. It’s like a nerds version of going to a football

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