Booty Pump Workout 👍🏼10 mins Booty Burn | Hourglass Program

Hey everyone, welcome to the hourglass program. This is episode three, the ten minutes booty Barre workout So this workout is part of my hourglass program and it’s perfect for beginners to intermediates And this will help to prepare you for my upcoming booty program that involves resistance. So don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button subscribe And also turn on notifications so that you don’t miss out on my new videos, and also don’t forget to share your progress photos So that I can create a results video at the end of the program and let’s get started guys So we’ve got 18 exercises today – 30 seconds on and 5 seconds to rest in between nice and easy So lie on your mat and let’s kick off with some single leg glute for each Have your foot over the other leg like so and as you thrust upwards make sure you’re squeezing those glutes of yours Now on to the other lake make sure you have your core engaged as well Now put around and have your left leg extend it out and draw a rainbow loop you’re late again really squeeze and work those glutes of yours And now on to the other leg Now stay in the same position and we’re doing some straight leg circles I prefer to draw my circles outwards as it activates my glutes more But try to adjust it until you feel maximum engagement on your glutes. So some people might feel it the other way around Rest up and we’re going to do the same on our other leg and my booty was burning so badly at this point Now lie flat on the ground with your hands forward and we’ve got flutter kicks next work those glutes and lift your legs up Stay where you are and we’re going to do some throw kicks next remember to squeeze those glutes of yours Get into a side plank with one knee resting on the ground and the other leg lifted And we’re going to do some hip raises This works the side of the glutes and let me tell you this really burns if you do it correctly My butt was burning so badly here and this exercise also works the core, so score! Now onto the other side and we’re halfway through the workout guys don’t even think of quitting you got this Now lay flat on the ground with your feet together but your knees apart and we’ve got some frog pumps Just keep squeezing and pumping that booty guys Flip around and we’re going to do some fire hydrant kicks. Lift the leg up sideways and then do a kick This was the other part of the glutes giving you that nice round booty And now on to the other leg Stay in the same position and kick your legs diagonally upwards. This works the whole glutes and also the side of the glutes. Now on to the other leg, and just four more exercises to go guys Now lay on the ground on your side and touch the ground with your knees then kick It diagonally outwards the site of your booty should be burning right now, but keep going guys you can do this Now on to the other side And for the last exercise we are doing a frog hold for 30 seconds Try your best to squeeze your glutes as much as you can if you need to release it Then do it and squeeze your butt again Great work guys you did it! Hope your booty’s burning and you’re feeling that pump If you have enjoyed the workout smash that like button and share some love by subscribing and turning on notifications And I’ll see you in the next workout. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Booty Pump Workout 👍🏼10 mins Booty Burn | Hourglass Program

  1. It be hard. I will start tomorrow and finish in a month. I hope everything works out :^)
    1 day: buuuurn!!!!
    2 day: I did it, but fotgot to write about it
    3 day: I did it. I’m probably starting to increase the load soon

  2. Finished the program! My abs definitely got more defined doing this workout and even though I forgot to take measurements of my butt lol I think it actually grew an inch or even two. My legs look even more defined and I'm honestly loving it. Will definitely do this challenge again when spring hits but for now I'm going to try Pamela Rf's Butt workout and see if I can get my butt to grow more next week before school. Thanks Chloe, your workouts rock.

  3. I feel like I am hurting my back while doing this… what I am doing wrong? I feel more pain on the back Than doing the exercise

  4. it's been 12 days and I still can't master to fully hold the frog hold lol. But I'm going to keep at it. I've seen results from the hourglass program and I'm going to keep doing it till the end.

  5. I have a question that might sound dumb but if you grow muscle on your butt is my butt going to be hard because of the muscle ¿??

  6. hello, i have these dents on the side of my bum, will this workout help? it really makes it look like a square, i wish it was rounder:/

  7. Hellou chloe, I just found you. I'm from Mexico. I really like your videos and I want to start asap, only a have one question, this routine I have to make it everyday or just 3 times a week?

  8. I don't feel anything on my butt. After the workout my legs felt really weak. My butt it has grown a little but now i can't do it. Every time i do butt workouts i don't feel almost nothing

  9. Cute sports bra and pants. Where can I purchase some?
    Also, how many different workouts of yours do you recommend to just be in overall toned shape? I am slender but I have a little bit of blubber on my stomach from having three kids and living a sedentary lifestyle. For the last 5 days, I have started to do light cardio and your ab workout for 10 minutes.

  10. You‘re seriously the best. Your workouts have been helping me and i‘ve been working out after your schedule. I love your videos and I thank u for them!

  11. Hey guys so today im going to start doing this workout 🏋🏻‍♀️ and I’m going to update weekly💞 Also the reason im doing this is bc im shaped like a fridge but also im going to vacation in 10 months😂 so i already wanna start so I’ll look FLAWLESS + my cousin is going to get engaged so i need to look good in that dress k byeee💋!

    Update 1: so guys it only one day but i just wanted to tell you that my left booty cheek is SUPER sore i literally can’t even walk😕

    FIRST WEEK: so guys my booty measured 34.0 inches before and now its 34.2 inches so it got a little bit bigger in only ONE WEEK like wow i can’t wait to see my results after 1 month but anyways also the soreness is completely gone my body got used to it and i don’t workout on Friday’s bc it’s my rest day so i have 1 rest day in a week bye💞 I’ll see you guys next week😏(ALSO I CHANGED THE SIDE PLANK THING WITH DONKEY KICKS BC I CANT DO THAT ONE)

  12. Oh my goodness the burn! On thé day where you do three rounds of this oh my lord…. but my butt looks so much more toned! Keep it up Chloe your effort and the fact that these programs are free is just amazing! You’ve helped me be more confident in my body with your motivation, THANK YOU

  13. Hello everyone 👋🏻 I would like to know if how many days or weeks of this workout that you’ll see the difference? I am planning to vlog my booty workout, I’m curious on what my result would be hehe 🙏🏼🙏🏼 thank you

  14. I been trying to make a change on my body for YEARS and this is WOOOOOOOORKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! IT'S COMPLETLY WORTH IT! I do abs and boot excersises from your videos, it's been just ONE AND A HALF WEEK and I can see a liiittle bit of BIG results, I freakin love it, THANKS CHLOEEEEEE! You're a queeeeen!

  15. guys I am 13 years old, and I don't rrally know would this workout work for me,but I tried the 10 minute abb workout and it really helepd me… I hope this works. By the way I did this workout for one week already and I don't see big changes, but I am so much more confident with my body… I will inform myself and all the other people here after each week. Wish me luck🥰🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. Just started the hourglass program on Saturday. I just finished day 3. I’m exhausted but I feel good. I’ll give final updates when I finish the program 👍🏾

  17. GUYS! ! ! I’ve always tried ab and booty workouts on YouTube and I end up giving up because I see no results. BUT THIS WORKOUT BURNS LIKE HELL. AND IT WORKS! I’ve spent the past 5 days doing this workout + her ab and shred workouts and guys MY BODY IS CHANGING HELLA. My obliques SHOW AGAIN and my booty is a bit more plump 😎 IM SO HAPPY with my results so far and I’m gonna keep going for a month. Who wants me to come back with results? I currently weight: 128// Waist size 26! I can’t measure my butt unfortunately but I will tell you guys if I see changes!

  18. (I will stop updating on this comment since Chloe ting just posted a recent butt workout challenge that I will be doing instead, so maybe try to find my comment on that video)

    I’ll be using Chloe Ting’s butt workouts everyday and keeping track of my progress 💪 💦
    (I might have some rest days, and I also will use different workouts from her channel)


    (Measured in inches)
    (I’m not good at measuring 😂)
    Waist- 24 1/2
    Butt- 31-32
    Thigh- 17
    Hip- 29

    Waist- ??
    Butt- ??
    Thigh- ??
    Hip- ??

    week 1
    Day 1: this was pretty easy! I feel like I’m doing it wrong though, because in some of the workouts I don’t feel the burn. But I sure did feel the burn in some of them!

    Day 2: (stretched and did glute activation before hand) today I used her 25 minute butt workout, I definitely broke a sweat from that! My butt was very activated in the workout, and my butt was also sore from yesterday 😂

    Day 3: rest day 🏖

    Day 4: (did this workout) I feel like my back is doing most of the work in these workouts, I need to figure out how to do some of these workouts right. Today I for sure broke a sweat though 😂 our butt is gonna be POPPIN by the end of this

    Day 5: (had to take a quick break I’ve been busy!) (did glute activation before hand) today’s workout was a pain since I took a few day break. But I’m so glad I’m feeling sweat roll down my face, and my muscles feeling sore, because that makes me realize I’m another workout closer to my goal! 💪

    Day 6: (did glute activation) for some reason I’m only feeling the burn on one side of my butt, and not much on the other 🤷‍♀️ besides that, I was sweating a ton afterwards. My friends at school call me flat, and brag to me that their “thick” so I want to complete this 1 month challenge. Even if I don’t see results, this is helping me become consistent and building strength 💪

    Day 7: one week down! 🙂 I don’t see any difference yet, but that’s because it’s just the first week. My joints were definitely having a party in this workout 💃🏻 I swear my joints popped in every single workout today 😂

    week 2
    Day 8: why did I wait till it’s bed time on a school night 😂 but wow that was a long 11 minutes, my whole face is red and sweating, how does her face stay so pretty while working out?? Also I’m very excited about her new glute program that is starting tomorrow 🙂 might have to try it out

  19. I did this workout just this evening, on the basketball court at Butler Park.

    I did every exercise for one minute. As long as I'm doing the workout, I might as well make it significant.

    It's nice to follow along with you, Chloe! You are so sweet and encouraging! Happy October!

  20. I have been loving this workout for months but today I finally found my ankle weights and holy crap my glutes were dying 4 minutes in!! 💖💖

  21. Hi my botty Is a Little bit flat. Im gonna update my progres with this workout sooo ya
    1 day: okay this was hard and im dying XD BUT I WANT TO HAVE A BIG BOTTY🍑✨
    2 day: okay soooo my booty is realy working but i feel strong

  22. am i the only one who really struggles to do activate my glutes? most of the time i feel it in my back instead. I’m naturally a very bottom heavy girl, but i am losing weight and don’t want to have a period of time where i potentially have no booty. I can’t seem to activate or really feel anything in them other than right under the glutes.

  23. What I love about Chloe is how she shows us that shes struggling as well .. like when she was feeling unbalanced and how she punches her butt in the frog hold one 😂✊

  24. hey guys, so i’m starting the 2 weeks abs workout with some other workouts from chloe but so far it’s day 1

    i jus finished doing the 2 weeks abs workout so now i’m gonna do this one i’ll be updating everyday for some changes! enjoy

    current weight: 138.9

    day 1- so far nothing feels different since i jus started but i’m pretty tired and i feel like continuing to workout so i’m gonna go do that, see you guys tomorrow.

    Day 2- So far i woke up feeling very tired lmao, my shoulders and belly hurt a lot but i’ll keep doing it. 💕

    Day 3- i skipped this day since i didn’t have time, we were moving houses and just didn’t have the time

    day 4- i also skipped this day since my shoulders were really sore but ik that’s not an excuse so ima do it tomorrow

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