Bob Grohovsky & Steve Mordue at Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2019

bob how’s it going great Steve so we’ve been
talking to lots of Microsoft folks out here at the business application summit
good event Bob Grohovsky and your title is your role is I’m a director in
our US healthcare business focused on business applications which is one of
the vertical industries that are at our target so there’s there’s about a half a
dozen I think of specific burnell’s Health Care’s either the one that’s
growing the fastest I like to think so yeah yeah for the us regularly regulated
industries organization yeah and our Tony towns Whitley and so what are you
what is your Day about it and your role in that healthcare industry vertical
because you know they ain’t talked to us earlier day about Microsoft has a large
and effective direct sales force which you’re part of that sales force they
kind of just divided up into these vertical and then within that vertical
there’s a high degree of focus around that particular customer exactly exactly
what you’re doing it is it within healthcare in the business application
specifically we’re focused on those areas that aren’t infrastructure they’re
in our office and collaboration but it’s what enables the business we like to say
we’re the doing part of knowing sharing and doing business applications includes
Dynamics 365 yeah as well as power apps our flow and
power bi yeah so with that tool set and our ability to extend the platform
especially into business processes is where we spend our day from a technology
perspective out but more importantly with 67 healthcare accounts across the
southeast I spend my day thank you Just the south east that’s the Southeast
United State that’s a big portfolio being an SEC alum I I cover the SEC
you just alienated half the audience it happens right so I’m not working on Saturdays but but we but we
will really spend our day thinking about how we can transform healthcare yeah
whether that’s on the provider side with our Hospital
customers right the payers the the Blue Cross’s etc some of even even in the
life sciences area we have a lot of customer type thing pharmaceutical I
specifically focus on the clinical research organizations of CRO’s which do
some of the drug testing and certifying with the FDA as well as we’ve got
customers that fit into both of those spots they’re a payer and a provider in
that because of their payer position they’re looking at changing the way
their members engage in wellness – off and on for 14 years so you probably
remember and you were in the sales roles right yes and partner roles yeah I
remember being in sales roles before we had this industry focus and you know you
just rattled off several specific industries that’s the providers payer
see our own that’s right and you have a good understanding those unique needs
absolutely but before this industry focus you that would have been one of
your your 67 could have been spread across all industries variables that
it’s very value but it allows me to really go deep on the pain points that
are know what they are know what they are and how they’re interconnected a in
some companies they segment provider payer in life sciences but what I’ve
been very fortunate to see is that all three of those things are very connected
yeah the life sciences and the cost and what is doing to it it it drives some of
the actions the payers are taking so when I walk into that payer meeting I
understand the things that are bothering them not just from claims and processing
in sales with the broader industry trends around cost of Pharma the house
of research and waning product to market the impact can have on wellness and that
spills over into the provider space I would imagine a big part of your job is
talking to your customers about what you’ve learned
from these other people in their space unlike the other sides of it like
talking to the payers about right what you’re hearing from the providers and
giving them information they didn’t even know that’s exactly right and we can
share those learnings we can’t share names all the time but we can share
those learnings and we can foster that that spirit of cooperation and dialogue
and it makes the job really fun because you’re not just implementing technology
but you’re really understanding the business at a board level at a CEO level
and the things that really drive that it’s very complicated and there’s no e
there’s not a lot of easy answers it’s got to feel at least better that you
only have to deal with the complexity of one industry that’s bad just in the
terminology and the legacy of it and how those were going to say that the the
culture of those times those organizations in the provider space that
the doctor has in the culture that been built over centuries around the role of
the doctor in and in wellness and in health and that shifts in a lot of ways
and it’s it’s interesting and the life will be a part of that so your customers
are generally larger you know the smaller customers the strategic account
strategic accounts in these fronts when we look back at the technology stack if
you will of power apps flow dynamics 365 accelerators
what are you seeing right now that customers are are asking more for what
are they asking the the direction we’ve taken with all of our business apps and
how we’ve built all of that onto a common platform integrated with office
for collaboration and on top of a sure as the source of AI of machine learning
driving those insights out what customers are the most excited about is
what power apps and flow and the common data service are really enabling it’s
starting to click this year kind of that citizen developer the citizen developer the simplicity what and it goes beyond to the security story is very strong it’s just
it’s not it’s not segmented it’s not fragmented so customers are starting to
take note of that we’re seeing a lot of just organic growth in use cases and
with power apps and flow they get them thinking about business process and if
we can think about that then the sky’s the limit the technology will be there
for them but before if they went off and did something it was a data risk now we
have an opportunity to to govern that because we do have this very strong
platform that’s kind of soup to nuts integrated and governed and managed it
has us as a seller you know a few years ago you basically have one product to
sell or two is either CRM or ERP would you like one problem and now it within
either of those there’s multiple I mean the the product
we use to call CRM it’s not blown into about 50 pieces that’s all right you
know yeah it all sorts of different pieces
here LinkedIn all sorts of components to go in in exactly that has to made the
job I think I know as a partner it’s makes things more complex around his
comfort what is this customer need what do they want address how do you how do
you finding customers being able to absorb that you know yeah that’s part of
your job is to interpret that for them but are they understanding is that a
hope okay they don’t need to yeah what we try to – solution in a way that we’re
solving problems with an investment and that investment will deliver a B or C
kind of make the what license or what seat kind of abstract that away from
here’s your problem here’s the pieces that we’re bringing to
fix the problem don’t worry about what’s behind this curtain it’s not important
as the result is what matters pay no attention to the third yeah if we can we
need be the Wizard of Oz are better than Wizard of Oz hopefully there’s not as
much magic in it okay it’s very real which is exciting but what we are at
some level there is a transaction because we the investment we’re making
is in our technology we want to be able to monetize that but we also are very
good at articulating the value that delivers we have a business value
assessment team that I try to pull in on every deal and the goal was talking
about that earlier in the keynote specifically that team very very
critical part of our sales motion and our engagement with our customers
because we’re able to abstract the problem to their point of view and then
map that back to the value that investments going to deliver if that
investment is made to a Dynamics license or a power-up license or Azure cycles or
an extension to teams or to office that’s great but ultimately it’s an
investment it’s going to be able to return and we have the the resources by
way of our business value assessment team to help us with that so we so way
beyond the idea yes just by this we’ll figure it out later I’m sure you’ll love
the result now it’s like before we head down the path that’s right identify
these objectives identify the metrics that are going to be met in this process
marry up the technology is going to meet those deploy come back and see if we’re
meeting those there’s a whole cycle there’s no the unknowns are
significantly reduced that we know exactly the target but not exactly the
goal we know we hit it that’s right everybody knows we hit it the customer
said it a try that’s a whole different motion we had just a few years yeah it’s
very it’s very different and we like to build especially in the biz app space we
can be successful when we have executive sponsorship that holds their teams and
themselves accountable to results yeah there’s a clear vision on what we’re
trying to achieve if I have those three ingredients and and we know crystal
clear what those are going in we’re very transparent we’ve got a good dialogue a
relationship with that customer we’re going to be successful yeah conversely
if customers are looking for tools to fix all of the above fix their process
problems fix their cultural problems we can’t always help with that we
we can bring our experiences so it’s just fix it for us yeah you fix it for us – oh
we tried that – none of them work maybe we’ll try your tool – oh yeah you know we
really tried to go into help and we now have and this is what’s been great about
the transformation at Microsoft is we have those resources we have the
business value assessment team we have doctors nurses former CIOs of of the
provider space on staff to come in help help interpret for us I’ve sat in
meetings especially in the in the life sciences world where every third word I
had no idea what they were talking about I need my interpreters yeah so we’ve
been able to partner that way and it’s been great it’s been a really good you
know the the business value assessment stuff we heard about that in in some of
the sessions earlier they had Chevron up there they had Wells Fargo up there both
you know big companies down that have gone through that process and we’re
really raving about this was this is the way a choice have been done you know it
should be done so it’s it’s a different way of approaching solve it is business
applications or business problems yeah I think you guys are onto something with
that it’s been a lot of fun all right it’s a good run that’s for stopping by Bob appreciate you chatting
right take care

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