45 thoughts on “Best of Game of Thrones – Most Badass Scenes Compilation

  1. They destroyed Tyrion's character so blatantly and with such disrespect to the fans and the show as a whole. The examples of his greatness here are a testament to his to that GREATNESS!!

  2. “Slay the masters, slay the soldiers, slay every man who holds a whip, but harm no child.” I want THIS Dany back. Not whoever that was in season 8.

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  4. I always had sympathy for Sansa, but when she told Ramsay that he would die tomorrow, I started respecting her.

  5. honestly… i have expected even season 8 will meet up with previous seasons…not re watching these moments reminding me that the greatest story ever is going to end cheaply. D&D made a mistake by closing this too soon completely ignoring character development and justification…very much disappointed 🙁

  6. Where is the scene where dany kills the dothraki leaders and comes out of the burning hut unscratched

  7. Tyrion will forever be my favorite character on this show! His and Vary’s dialogues are the BEST! No competition.

  8. Tyrion is the third, and the oldest head of the dragon. He is the bastard of Mad King and Joanna. That's why Tywin hated him. Tyrion is the true heir to the iron throne.
    Tyrion and Sansa will re-marry, probably.

  9. I don't know man that last scene showing how scared that dude was, only to see them cower at the guys alite beside them.. can't help but feel guilt.

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