Best of Castle "Laugh out Loud Moments"

hey hey I was I was just trying on my i'll we cost you what exactly are you supposed to be space cowboy okay a there are no cows in space we didn't you wear that like five years ago though so don't you think you shouldn't move on I like it Castle I'm on TV are you having a breakdown alright break down or break through and I really AM ruggedly handsome aren't I I'm waiting for the breakthrough it really is ruggedly handsome hey Beckett did you find out a murphy's bullet that ball yep you didn't kill goldstein but he did kill squirrels Dean what are the odds huh oh no they took his clothes too could you yeah I know I'm sorry we'll find any next of kin on the guy parents died years ago there's no siblings no nothing okay fine and you have to be such a cliche stuffing your face with it that that that thing that's going on talk to hunger strike over here he was flaunting that doughnut I was eating it oh wait that's it I mean no pomp no circumstance what's on this could shake the very foundations of our existence we need to pause and save her faith let's just stick it in and get this over with we do have a box of clubs it's the next best thing to a bathroom we have what you want you know where we are stop it don't do that creeping me out check it out Esposito yeah that's nice under the comm and did he count a gun what does that mean here's meeting with so much someone from that phone number just before he was killed you have an app for that can my PDA shiri just got it okay fine you don't get to play my Angry Birds hello Jess can you um NC boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh anyway muy bueno boyo boyo like a leprechaun Castle sorry this is you see hey castle come on just put the noise on the tape right before Jackson clara was killed okay let me go up ready grab my legs Oh guess I said legs okay Oh legs sorry okay next time I'm hitting on a guy you like come clean with me before I go out with him so you don't have to arrest me to break up the date Madison that's not no no no no I get it you're hot for castle you want to make little castle babies why couldn't you just be honest you can hear us oh really yeah I'm spying them here yeah oh I don't TV hey there sorry we missed the pumpkin gnocchi they're really good absent sweet about this I asked her to stay in town in any case yes I know I heard everything Bobby's producer said he locked himself in his office that morning he was listening to the recording and then they started acting paranoid after that so what did he hear am i good to go we're ready to you Rockets how bad a to sell a clone who are you looking at nothing okay okay okay it's so not okay after everything I've done from he goes and tries to steal my muse you Stevie what's the punishment for that five to ten in mythology jail she loved laugh all you want a list of all of his old neighborhood buddies oh how about I wanted then yeah great puppets mmm-hmm Alex Conrad sent them to me Castle just finished making breakfast doing went to the door kind of breakfast uh I'm sorry what kind of breakfast was he making pancakes wasn't that domestic anyway the paper usually arrives at 4:00 when we were up at 7:00 so that means the killer had a three-hour window where he could've left the body there unnoticed exactly what time did you and mr. Castle go to bed last night I think we're done here dude I seen Beckett near jammies wine glasses on the table there's nothing going on with Beckett and me no more than there was yesterday dude you made her pancakes it's just breakfast pancakes is not just breakfast it's an edible way of saying thank you so much for last night Castle come on we're your friends details there are no details I can't even look at you right now witness refuses to cooperate why don't you two escort the body to the morgue and let me know what you find once you're dressed of course let's go hurry up Wow what good man what's up shower that was weird the elevator just stopped mother no reason to panic small reason to panic there is no curse there is no curse there is no curse all right what do I do with the elevator Falls I mean I don't I think I'll choke me here yeah lay on the ground Castle what are you doing that was whole thing then the light the light and then the whole thing what happened I don't know I was gonna make a coffee and the cappuccino machine started shaking and just I hit the deck he exploded you could have been killed I know oh there okay very funny yes you got me I'm Castle I don't believe in curses I'm not cleaning this up better clean this up don't make me call you weird you out a little bit but check this up I mean it just seems like it seems to bend the space-time continuum look just me think there can't be another one doc Holloway mrs. Richard Castle dr. Holloway say hello to my psychiatrist Megan la I will arrange for someone from social services to come get mr. Lockerby and if you want I can have someone get him to x-ray Spex got about the magic shop I can see you naked too really how do you like my navel ring now who's the sucker sir suck oh no sucker clearly there's more to this guy to meet yeah busted yeah rueful yes Oh perfect thank you thank you very much Esposito said you two have something for him we do geez okay that guy's insane yeah I know I tried to tell you know he's insane why we do hey what's up what are you talking about where oh they're um nothing I mean obviously not nothing we were talking you were just moving her so what happened now I was trying to keep him from seeing you and so I pushed too hard and he made me he told me dream cancel what the hell are you doing I saw his phone in the Cabana I thought it was worth the risk you took his phone no no I took a picture of his recent call list but where is it don't don't poke me how cute I'm gonna kiss you oh maybe you should ask your girlfriend girlfriend yes okay we slept together it was a long time ago what's the big deal there is no big deal sleep with whoever you want the more the merrier I have those a toxicology reports you wanted oh yes just set them there sweetie thank you let's see if they'll accept an invitation to my interrogation party it's all uncanny spooky sexy are you doing me I'm just working on your posture you know it changes depending whether you have a suspect or not really like I said getting inside your head when I'm done I'll do you better than you Tonya Wellington now her party last night that but you didn't go to her party last night why is that that was a great Beckett yeah almost creepy great not that you're creepy just great can I ask you a question sure his castle gay I'm sorry what no no last night I invited him back to my place and he said something to me I have never heard from a man before what no no I don't get it he's into you but you're determined not to give in to these feelings that you clearly have for him so he fantasizes about you through his writing it's literally verbal masturbation yeah what can you talk to him and say what I'm giving permission or something I need to go over there being okay do I really do that yes and it's adorable it's so adorable why don't you sleep with me hermie not me me I should have a code word so we all know it's Beckett to kill her clone army attacks once we make a preemptive strike we guess doing hiding from creepy Beckett what huh oh yes what you doing here I knew you were reading it ah I would it's on page 105 by the way what that's sex scene you're looking for Andy to read was right it's steamy I was it see you tomorrow this is a Ferrari is a high-performance vehicle designed to respond instantaneously to your every whim your every movement every Wow that's her give us some drinks and keep your eyes peeled for always okay if you wanted drinks got it yeah I'm coming that's your boyfriend for now lost you it's okay good things always do no pick up

28 thoughts on “Best of Castle "Laugh out Loud Moments"

  1. Beckett, Espo and Ryan all failing to stifle their laughing and then laughing was the funniest….oh man was Beckett amused.

  2. I need a compilation of castle theories where he shouts out what their killer is and then high five's someone nearby!!! ie "OUR KILLER's a ZOMBIE!!! 😀 😀

  3. Great show. One thing though. How come the men in American tv shows can put on a fair bit of weight but the women have to keep looking as if they're 20 still? I adore Nathan Fillion, but he really started to get quite 'puffy' there for a while. We women mostly like our men in shape also 🙂

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