Best Gaming Phone? Red Magic 3 Unboxing & Review

hey guys krypter here today I'm gonna be unboxing and showing off a new product that a lot of you probably haven't heard of because until recently I hadn't either this is the brand-new red gaming phone so let's go ahead and do the unboxing before I do the full review and talk about specs and things like that just comes in a very small box like this pause and quick cut to the future this video is sponsored by Nubia that manufactures the red magic phone it's not sponsored and that they paid me but it's sponsored and that they sent me the gaming phone for free to get some publicity so that's that's my disclosure I got a free phone alright FTC let's go back to the review we opened up on is a huge phone holy crap whoa like that is an actual monster of a phone I I did not expect it to be that big that is a that is a big boy this is not a little phone it slides out it's already got a screen protector on it that's really good oh here's the neat thing that I'll talk about later on the side of the phone these are touch sensitive paddles so that when you're gaming you can hit these paddles like a controller so that's kind of kind of neat now I don't know if mine is charged or not so I'll put the phone name that is owned that is a behemoth like they send me a spec sheet with this one I was like that's a lot of specs for a little phone okay that makes sense that makes sense let's see what we have in the rest of the box we have seems like three things that pop out I'm gonna bet that this is the charging cable that is cool don't forget something in here perfect I'm gonna bet that this is the charger itself just wool that is a big boy and yeah I got the EU version of the phone don't worry about that it works the same as the North American one the EU version was just done earlier so I got that one earlier so I can test this out more and finally we have our instructions and our little reset button key thing and a bunch of stickers well we have the life it's coming to life this is an Android phone by the way of course because that just Android's the way to go sorry iPhone fans also you can't have off-brand iOS really so we just noticed that when we booted it out my wife pointed out since she's filming it's got this nice rotating LED thing going on the back which I did not expect to see and we run into a screen comparison once I sign in to my Google account so I decided to skip the sign-in process and just go straight into the phone for the unboxing part and you've got this little intro and to the fact that it's a gaming phone and we can start the gaming acceleration but I wanted to point out the screen size we're gonna start with a regular Samsung s8 that kind of dwarfs the SI let's let's be honest right there and then this is an S 8 plus it's bigger than the s8 plus this this is nice now some people don't like big phones usually I know I know usually people have little hands but as a bigger guy who likes to watch media on the phone who also has big hands I love that so let's start it Oh what look at this so this is gonna be I'm gonna bet controller pairing yep because red sells its own controller accessories which we don't have right now we've got at a game which we would do in the app store block you can block calls on and off for your gaming so it doesn't interrupt we've got or a ban what does that data I don't know oh the back oh it turns the back on and off okay yeah that turns the back thing on and off you don't want to waste battery cooling fan okay you can't feel it but it's vibrating a little bit you've got a profile here oh my god this is a game center what in the world fan on intelligent adjustment rapid cooling I just runs it like full blast intelligent a lot of gaming related stuff help okay that's that's really interesting so check this out you can swipe on the side and bam even more gaming options they just decided that this is straight-up for mobile gamers 4d shock oh that's like the Nintendo Nintendo switch a little 4d Rumble I've got data rates we got our GPU frequency we got our cooling here there's a lot of stuff going on all right last unboxing step before I do a review I was getting really irritated because I couldn't figure out how to get to my home screen the switch on the side swaps the entire phone between gaming mode and regular mode as soon as I have that switch we are in game mode hit it again back to regular mode I also don't know how to make the sound to stop but this is the actual phone part of the phone here it's now been one week since I did the unboxing of the red magic 3 gaming phone I took it with me on a trip that I signed an NDA about so I can't talk about that just yet I use the camera I use the gaming features and I put it through some very rigid testing so now it's time for the actual review part of this video and since it's not really necessary to just hold the phone up and flip it around all the time for the review I thought it would just be better to show some pub G mobile gameplay that I recorded on the phone since it is a gaming phone the phone was durable for the only major drop that it suffered I dropped this phone on a big pile of rocks and I was terrified and it hit the screen right on a sharp rock the screen came with a screen protector and thankfully it only suffered a minor scratch I don't know if that's my good luck but the one drop test that did accidentally it was durable now the thing I really want to talk about the thing that is honestly make-or-break on this phone for me is that it has built-in capacitive shoulder triggers that I can map anywhere on the screen and I talked about that a little bit in the unboxing here you can kind of get a better look at them they're just little indentions on the top so this part of the video I'm actually filming with my old s8 plus because my wife is not here to help me at them at Wow see that's that that's a really meta shot right there but these little indentations here aren't just form factors these are actually touch sensitive buttons that you can use the gaming mode to map to any point on the screen that you want to click so for FPS games that's roughly aim downside and shoot on the other side all right so at this point I have landed and my team's kind of already in combat but I'll try to show you how this works oh my god they're shooting so in the game mode you can open up the touch button and you see these are and Elle's I can just kind of drop these so this is my right trigger and I'm gonna drop it on top of the shoot and the left trigger I could have in any any of these things actions but I want it on aim down sights like a prop or first-person shooter and it's enabled you can see that at the top so I just hit X cuz I'm done and now as you can see I've got no no fingers on the controller whatsoever and I just tap shoot just aim down sights and for me this is a godsend for me this is the most important feature of the phone I'm gonna run around and try and find somebody I'm probably gonna get marked here because I'm not really paying attention all right well it seemed like my teammates killed everybody so I'm just gonna screw around with the shotgun let's say we're just walking around out here and I'd wanted this tree to die I'm trying to hold my hands up where you can see it I don't have to actually stop aiming I can strafe and shoot and just do like console shooting which gives me a really big advantage in a mode like this or a game like this more accurately because mobile games usually have to like run and get in position and then stop and then hit the shoot button and then go back but just having bumpers that just do this is is super awesome I think it is by far the best feature of the entire phone it is it's the number one reason to have this phone is to have those bumpers because it makes your default phone feel so much more like a console controller it has an industry-first active liquid cooling internal turbo fan and that's that I know that's a mouthful to say the least but it is a real liquid cooling fan for the processor that keeps your phone cool and in my experience using this with gaming and recording it actually works and isn't particularly loud I thought it would just hum but it's not too bad it also doesn't seem to impact battery life very much to run the fan well really couldn't tell a difference to tell you the truth and probably running it cooler should save battery life and you know battery longevity over the lifespan of the phone so I was really happy with the liquid cooling and I'll briefly show you how to turn it on and off so right now I have my phone tethered to my PC so I can kind of control it here and I wanted to show you the gaming mode this phone literally has a game button and when you hit this button on the side it's a switch more accurately it boots up yep you can hear the fan kick on you can hear the little red magic intro playing and it boots up a menu that allows you to create different profiles for every game that you have and for now I just have pub G mobile we've got a button for the cooling fan to turn on and off which is what I wanted to show you first the cooling fan is just a very simple on-off and and as you can hear it's not particularly loud the Aurora band button turns off the little LED color strip on the back you have block calls and block text so if you don't want pop-ups while streaming and we have some other configuration options you can turn the fan on and off you know I guess I could turn it off we've got rapid adjust so we get we can just put it on max speed it's very can you guys even hear that very slightly louder I prefer intelligent let's see we've got game atmosphere LED which I don't really care for constant brightness protect is a godsend or if I swipe right I pull up this whole other submenu that shows me how much Internet I'm using what the temperature is the GPU and I can turn all of these things on or off the red magic three has an absolutely massive 5,000 milliamp battery that has a 27 watt quick charge so when you're gaming and doing really intensive stuff it pretty much never drains the battery faster than it can be charged and you can charge it stupidly fast these are really impressive specs in the phone industry for comparison the battery capacity is roughly double that of an iPhone X and about eighty percent more than most Android devices when I played pub G Mobile which I did quite a lot on this phone I would lose about 6% battery the course of a 30-minute game running on high settings the phone has a qualcomm snapdragon 855 + Adreno 640 processor and to be perfectly honest I've got that text on the screen but I don't really understand what it means I am ignorant of phone specs and some capacities and mobile processors is one of them I do not know how that compares to other processors but I do know it runs at 2.85 gigahertz so it's most certainly not bad the phone is quite big overall I'm actually going to go ahead and cut back to full screen so I can show you holding it up in my hand it has a very big screen I'm just trying to give you some scale on this bad girl here it is 6 and a half inches ultra wide screen Full HD HD mr AMOLED mo LED this there's so many things on the screen mo LED display that's really bright for me on the content side that that doesn't mean a whole lot what does matter is it runs in 21 60 X 1080 or roughly ultra wide 1080p it looks nice it supports 90 FPS the brightness is good the color is good and as a bigger guy with big hands who travels a lot and likes to watch movies on the plane it's a big phone moving along let's talk about the RAM and storage capacity you can go up to 12 gigabytes of RAM and up to 256 gigabytes of internal storage depending on which model or of this phone you get that can scale a little bit let's talk about the camera the camera we have a standard back and front facing camera it's nice I liked the camera it supports up to 8 K for the back camera and the front camera that's for video which is crazy and the front camera will do up to 1080p 30 which is I really wanted 1080 60 I really wanted 1080 60 on the front camera but that's okay I'm gonna do a brief test of the back camera and the worst environment that I can find hey hey what's up so I'm filming in my kitchen right now which has absolutely terrible lighting and is one of the most hunt boy one of the most punishing places for me to use my other phones so we're gonna see how this looks at 1080 60 and we are gonna give our good boys some in-and-out burger this is their absolute favorite treats so Ozzy are you hungry sit prairie dog spin-spin-spin this way good boy do you want some meat do you want some meat huh whop yum yum yum all right let's get Bumi Street Babu me only where's your burger ah yes boo me do you want hamburguesas hey buddy you want some food hey buddy do you want some doggy food oh yeah Oh yum yum hey you're supposed to eat in your bowl bud all right we're gonna feed boom be well oh god I've made a mess what am I doing with my life hey what dude I'm trying to film and this is a test of the front-facing camera this is 1080 30 and I'm kind of holding it out on one hand so it may be a little shaky here but you'll notice that as I move around my room and do things and move it it's a well stabilized ten eighty thirty that doesn't have bad motion blur or anything usually front-facing cameras are kind of rough and while this one's not 60fps it is a quality 1080 thirty so I'm happy with that as a matter of fact I filmed my next vlog entirely on the red magic three I did not use a DSLR or any other cameras well except there's like one shot where a friend filmed with his camera but pretty much the entire vlog is filmed on this camera and it looks very nice unfortunately that entire trip and what I filmed is under NDA for a little bit longer but you will see it in a couple of days and I'll put something on screen so that you know exactly which video it is I'll probably link it down below later on the phone has front-facing stereo speakers and DTS X technology it works well it sounds good I'm really bad at sound analysis and so I can't speak on an expert level here all I can say is that almost playing pubs eMobile it was really easy to sound whore and hear footsteps with no headsets thing like that I could just hear where people were on the basic default speakers on the phone so I'm not an expert in mobile gamer by any measure and you probably saw some aiming difficulty still because pub G mobile won't let me invert the look stick like I have on console so it's kind of like doing it backwards for me but the bumpers are a godsend the bumpers are by far the best thing about the phone and I think it's the number one reason to get the red magic three they are super super nice but they do segue into the flaws section I've talked about all the good stuff so let's talk about some of the not so good things about this phone the bumpers are not physical buttons they are just touch sensors and to be fair to them they are pretty sensitive it's kind of easy to grace past them or kind of hover your thumb over just a little bit wrong and hit one I may actually prefer physical buttons but I guess at least these can't break and maybe it is something that I need to get used to the biggest problem that I have with the phone by far is that right now it has no USB C to HDMI support for 99% of people this means nothing but for gamers and streamers this means that you cannot just plug in a nice handy dandy little USB C to HDMI dongle like this and output the phone screen to either your TV for more comfortable gaming or to your capture cards so what I had to do to record the pub G mobile for this game is actually buy a really complicated screen mirroring program and tether data through my USB and it was a whole big mess so that's a big problem because I really want to stream Cod mobile on this game and if you're a mobile game streamer this is not ideal you want that USB C to HDMI support but I did talk to red magic about it and in an upcoming update which isn't too far out that feature will be added so this complaint will be in relevant in a month or two and if you click the little seam or whatever and this was posted like a month or two ago this phone almost certainly has the HDMI support now the other downside and this is a little bit more specific to my setup is I mentioned before it doesn't get hot with the liquid cooling and all that but if I do the USB power and data tethering plus running a screen capture program plus running a game on high settings plus running the bumper overlay thingy it does get hot when I'm running like four or five programs at a time and outputting data and just going as ham as I possibly can the phone will get hot however it's never gotten hot and when I was just regular gaming like when I'm just watching Netflix or I'm just playing pub G mobile and the airport or whatever that worked just fine I had no problems and still until I started trying to stream with and that's another thing I think the HDMI will fix and finally my last flaw is that the gaming features take some time to get used to it's got a lot of buttons a lot of features the the little gaming mode switch isn't as obvious as it should be to some people and setup is longer than normal maybe maybe I'm dumb it just took me a little bit to get going and that's a minor flaw because once you do get it set up it's pretty much good to go forever and it's quite nice well you should expect to take a little bit of extra time with it overall at the end of the day what is my opinion about the red magic 3 gaming phone it's actually very positive I have had a very good experience with this phone I am currently on a samsung s8 right now but I'm probably going to take this to my provider which is Verizon and change over and make this my primary phone because I like the camera I like the screen size I like the battery I love the bumpers for gaming call of duty mobile and apex Mobile's right around the corner so I need a phone for gaming and I am probably going to be using this one for a long time to come so I would recommend it overall it'll cost about $500 cash or I don't know what it'll cost if you lease it from somewhere but if you want to do mobile games like Cod mobile this is probably gonna be the way to go so hope you enjoyed this video hope you learned something useful and if you did don't forget to Like favorite and subscribe and check out the link below I should probably you should probably pull your little ties out of your hoodie it's like crooked oh my god something the ties one longer together perfect sorry I got here thanks I know how's my hair it's fine yeah it's good here Ozzie can you jiggle some more it's been recording all day okay that dogs jiggly collar is gonna drive me insane hey buddy he can't help it

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