Best FREE Apple Watch Apps 2019! (2020)

hello everyone it’s AppleO here firstly
I want to state Happy New Year to all I hope you’re
having a great start in this video I’ll be staying my top three Apple Watch
series three apps so make sure to LIKE subscribe smash that notification bell
so you never miss anything uploaded to this channel to start things off I want
to show you guys my first app and some of you may be saying oh this is fun and
Apple watch series one or two even four and five I must say this is important
this is really important regardless of what Apple watch you have to educate all
purposes for school so if you need in terms of calculation I gave you a hint
it is the calculator and the calculator in my opinion is one of the most useful
tools and underrated tools rather than taking out your phone you could at least
use your Apple watch pop it onto the app and here you go you can also calculate
the tip so it’s much more useful let me just show you a demo so if you have five
hundred fifty would be the total 10% tip split it between four people you get 1
pound 38 each to showcase my second app I installed this on my primary device
and it’s Nikon Club remember that if you have the app watch night series this
will be automatically installed onto your device when I went into this app I
was greeted with the Settings icon and some features are disabled some features
are allowed for me to turn it off and on also when we head over to the left you
can see guided runs and it shows you different types of runs so the first
most important one is 5k head starts and as we scroll down you can see different
types of runs there’s different categories for different people of
course if you’d like sport if you’d like to you know work out much more than
thinkable but on the left this is the most important one and I’ll show you
guys a demo if you press the start button you’ll count down and you can see
that this is the minutes the kilometers how much you’ve done and
the peso your harpy and if we go wide its if we turn on if we go to the left
you can see the start and stop button so if we stop it and there’s the green LED
light underneath the Apple watch so it’s very very good in that department and I
must say that if you guys are keen on sport this app is very good for you last
but not least the most important feature that I have to stay on the app watch
regarding apps is the battery life and battery life is a top priority without
good battery life there is no negativity so if we head over there you’ll be able
to see that it shows my iPhone on the top 86% and my app watch 71 but if you
guys have your phone in your pocket and you have to scroll down at the control
center to search how much you know percentage of battery life you have
probably iOS 14 will have a different feature or redesign showing that battery
life indicator if we update it it’s at 85 percent right now and the watch is
still at 71 percent holding strongly so in my opinion this feature is really
good and you guys should install this links will be in the description box
down below regarding all of these apps they can be
installed from your Apple watch using your passcode or your iPhone which will
be transferred through bluetooth make sure to stick to my playlist where I
stay all the important information stating reviews from iOS and watch us
also iPads and iPhones make sure to LIKE subscribe smash that notification bell
so you never miss anything I’m a boy and I’ll see you in the next one

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