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I’ve reviewed seven calorie counter apps
to help you find the best one for you. I looked at MyFitnessPal, Spark People, LoseIt,
Cron-o-meter, MyDietCoach, Hapi Coach and MyNetDiary
They are all available on Andriod and iOS, and, with the exception of MyDietCoach, they
each have a free version. Premium versions usually offer an ad-free
experience and range from £2.50 to £50 a month.
Many of these apps let you scan the barcodes of the foods you are eating, and they automatically
import the calorie and nutrient breakdown into the app.
MyFitnessPal and Cron-o-meter also let you import recipes straight from the web and add
them to your meals. Others, like SparkPeople, LoseIt and MyNetDiary let you do this manually, which isn’t quite as convenient.
With the exception of HapiCoach, they all provide a nutrition breakdown.
You can log your weight on all of the apps, and monitor your progress. The only one that
allows you to log body fat % is Lose It (on the premium version) And you can add your measurements on LoseIt
and MyDietCoach. If usability and design are important to you,
then MyFirnessPal is definitely the best calorie counter app.
MyFitnessPal is also good for accuracy – with a number of common foods verified. It also
seems to have one of the biggest databases. Some of the data in some of the other apps
was slightly off, mainly because it is sourced from the community. And others, like cron-o-meter
didn’t seem to have much variety. LoseIt, MyDietCoach and MyNetDiary were my
favourite for working out calorie targets. Cronometer not so much – it suggested a
very low calorie number for me which seemed a little bit irresponsible.
Here are some specific features I liked about the different apps:
When you complete your day of logging on MyFitnessPal, it tells you “if every day were like today,
in 5 weeks’ time you would weigh-.” SparkPeople gamifies your calorie counting
with SparkPoints, but it’s a little confusing. LoseIt offers badges and challenges to motivate
you. MyDietCoach has an avatar that slims with
you – based on the principle that if you can picture it, you can do it. And it also
has a panic button to control your cravings. HapiCoach is slightly different from the others. You take pictures of everything you eat and
a nutrition coach will analyse and advise. he/she will comment and validate your meals.
Answer your questions, offer tips to help guide and motivate you. Start by choosing
your plan, describing how you eat and setting your goals. But the usability is odd.
Cronometer asks if you are pregnant or lactating and takes those into account when calculating
your calorie requirements. Which none of the others do. And MyNetDiary and LoseIt connect with your
fitness device. So, before I summarise in a table the best
calorie counter apps, I have a favour to ask you.
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31 thoughts on “Best Calorie Counter Apps – 4 Minute Tech

  1. Amazing video!
    Please help me doing a budget best apps!
    Congrats again for the good quality on all your videos!

  2. Well thanks to this video, and myfitnesspal no longer supporting older models of android, I've downloaded loseit and found it even better!

  3. Thank you for your video. Have used MyFitness Pal for years but wanted to see what else was out there. Guess I’ll stay the path.

  4. Everything is like "this app will make you slim" approach which sucks. I just want a simple app to count how much i eat… zzzz

  5. I have used Lose It for years. I love it. I have tried My Fitness Pal and I just don't see why everyone likes it so much. But I prefer to enter my food manually and I think that's where I notice the biggest differences between them.

  6. Can i diet??
    Im 11 and i wont say im fat im healthy and i have a tummy my problem is it aint flat soo i rlly wanna flatten it

  7. Needed features! 1. Universal Wi-fi scale connect 2. Better gamification, 2.1. Better social media integration, paid medical or fitness study finder, paid fitness channel challenge, beachbody franchise sites discover discounts 3. Picture to measurement like bespoke clothing sites, 4. spreadsheet to cloud export 5. DateTime Stamp stats and eating patterns or reminders {for vitamines too} 6. Alerts on patterns, 7. Receipt scan, meal planner quick list groceries and recipes 7. supplement Discount finder. 8. LOCAL fitness map of scheduled or offered classes with reminder.

  8. I gave up on the apps.
    I lost weight by going on
    the Purina Pro Plan. Hey
    if my gerbil could lose weight,
    so could I.

    I lost weight, but my feet began to
    swell and stink. My boss kept sending
    me home to shower. Eventually lost my job.
    Which is fine as the bus driver wouldn't
    pick me up at the stop. I would chase the
    bus and then pound on the door when I caught
    it, only to be told it was full. Right, with
    just 5 people on a double decker!

    I don't go to restaurants anymore. They would
    ask me to leave, because the customers could
    taste the smell of my feet from across the
    room. Chef Gorden Ramses informed me that I
    should use a vise to squeeze the stink out of
    my feet, then sell the juice to the military
    as a weapon of mass destruction.

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  10. They all look so boring. We need some professional video game designers to work on these things.

    You run 1 km and you progress in the game. You eat fruit and you get more magic. If you cheat you cheat yourself.

  11. Nice review! If you want to know more about the core of nutrition apps, check the article

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