Best Affiliate Marketing Software 2019 (13 TOOLS I USE TO MAKE MONEY)

I’m John Crestani, I’ve made millions of
dollars with affiliate marketing. I made six hundred thousand last month alone.
And I’ll be going over what the best affiliate marketing software and tools
are to help you take your affiliate marketing to the next level. Now I’ll be
going over how to where to host your website, a good site builder for building
landing pages, a bunch of ads spy tools to help you spy on the competition’s ads,
click trackers that you can use, a cloaker and also if you’re bigger a
media buyer management tool which is pretty crazy. So, stay tuned, sit down and
get ready for some really sick things that can help you make more money. Now as an affiliate marketer you need a website. Okay this is just a foundational thing
it’s not really a software, but it’s super-important. Now, for website hosting,
the website host that I recommend is Bluehost. I have a special deal that I’ll
give you guys I’ll put a link in somewhere in the description. But
basically you can get really cheap website hosting online. This is, you know
I have a special offer with Bluehost. This is what I use, it’s three dollars a
month to host your website there, and a lot of my training, if you’re one of my
students going through my 6-week course the super affiliate system, all of that
training is really based around hosting your website on Bluehost. So, I would just
suggest using that it’s easy fast cheap and effective. Building your site can be
complicated. I personally don’t have any technical skills myself and if you ask
me to program anything, I will literally break the internet and it just takes a
lot of time to have other people you know developers or stuff create your own
pre-sale page your landing pages. So I actually recommend you use a site
building tool I prefer click funnels. If you come over here with me on my
computer, you’ll see click funnels makes it really easy to build marketing
funnels and it’s just a WYSIWYG tool to quickly edit websites. Now if you sign up
with click funnel, if you go for the free 14-day free trial,
through my link, I’ll actually give you a free funnel that you can use to promote
one of my affiliate products. And you can see how easy it is to use you just you
know when you get the funnel you’ll just click Edit page. And here you go if you
want to change up anything on this page, let’s say you just want to say you know
like the you know the true the true story. It’s super easy. And to save it you
just click save right here. And no programming required to actually create
or change websites for whatever product you’re marketing. Now I’ve been using
click funnels for years, it’s helped transform my business and make me more
profitable because I’m able to split test landing pages create them faster.
And ultimately, do more effective marketing which makes me more profits.
Now for the third category of affiliate marketing tools, these are like super
important it’s a very big staple if you want to become successful if you just
want to do your job faster and that’s ad spy tools. So finding ads to copy from other marketers that have been testing their
ads for four years, is one of the fastest ways to get started. It sucks
trying to think of your own ads to write especially if you’re new now when I was
new I didn’t know anything about the products I was promoting. I have no
knowledge about the skincare industry or the weight-loss industry or the muscle
supplement industry or the even the investment industry which are all
markets that I’ve made millions of dollars in. Now, the way I was able to
actually create effective advertising is, I simply looked at what’s working and I
used ad spy tools to find other marketers ads that were running for a
long period of time and already proven effective. Now I’m gonna be going over a
few tools ad spy tools on my computer that you can use to get started with. So
the first ad spike tool is with for Facebook ads and that’s called social ad
scout and if you want to spy on different people’s Facebook advertising
campaigns you can use this program to find
millions of ads on Facebook from 21 countries so no matter where you’re
promoting. It’s very easy you just kind of find the ad you’ll see the landing
page and you can even click download if you want to download the landing pages
of the ads or the affiliate campaigns that you want to copy so very simple
effective tool that can help you out on facebook now if you want to spy on ads
on native ad networks or Google you’ll need to use a separate tool to do that.
Now one of the tools I recommend is ad beat. So ad beat is a tool created by a
very famous affiliate marketer Michael Ella. And they make it really easy to
find ads they have tons of ad networks. The pricing on ad beat is not cheap
though it’s anywhere from two hundred and fifty dollars to $300 per month.
That being said, ad spy tools in general are not necessarily cheap, you can find a
lot of advertising on your own but if you’re really looking to take your
affiliate marketing to the next level, you know investing in an ad spy tool
will save you a lot of time. The next ad spy tool is called what runs where and
it’s very similar to adBEAT. Now, here we see the website what runs where you know
performance advertising is hard. What runs where makes it easier so ad beat
makes it pretty easy to just scroll through ads. As you see on the screen
here and find advertisements do analysis on how long they’ve been running to help
you find advertising campaigns that will help out, whatever you’re doing and they
support a lot of different countries as you see as Australia, Canada, UK, Germany,
Germany is a big market a lot of people aren’t tapping in. And the pricing of
what runs where is also not cheap. It’s 300 to 400 dollars per month, very
similar to ad beat they’re both basically preference which one you use.
Now the next ad spy tool is called spyfu. And spyfu is the best ads buy tool for
looking at google ads ads on Google search. Now what’s great about spyfu
is that you can obviously find Google search ads just by searching keywords in
your niche, you know weight loss for working moms or whatever keywords. You’re
looking for skin care products etc.. you can find ads just by googling. But spyfu
gives you an idea of how long those ads have been running and generally speaking,
the longer an ad has been running, the better. It is if a certain ad text has
been running for a long time, that’s an indicator that messaging is working and
it’s working very well. Now spyfu allows you to enter in a
competitor’s website. Let’s say we are looking at you know om or
something like that. It will show you all sorts of data, you know what organic
keywords they work for and will also show you what paid keywords they work
for similar sites etc and it’ll show you all the all the different information on
stuff like that. So very helpful. Now this last tool is
helpful specifically for native advertising networks and it’s called anstrex it’s a bit of a newer ad spy tool so therefore it’s also much cheaper
than the other tools which are a little more established in the market which I
had shown you earlier. Now anstrex was actually created by an
acquaintance of mine and what we can see here, is what’s cool is that they
actually compare themselves to some of the other ads by tools you can see here
adplexity, advault, native adbuzz. These are also spy tools you can use and
they kind of compare themselves to those programs. Here so you can kind of get an
idea of what things are important based on you know what criteria they’re using
in their comparison. Now the pricing of everything is forty to sixty dollars per
month. So it’s a lot cheaper than the other options and allows you to spy on
they have over ten million ads in their database. And this was also created by
affiliates for affiliate marketers. So very powerful tool right here.Check this
out, you can use it for two days for free, so just to get an idea of how it works,
and if you like it or not ad spy tools have been very good to me. I’ve learned
so much about other people’s advertising from them they can really help you out
in your business. Now the next category of software is a must-have. If you are
currently making sales as an affiliate and you want to get better at optimizing
your advertising campaigns or let’s say you’re running an affiliate campaign and
you are you’re breaking even or maybe you’re getting sales but you’re losing a
bit of money. Click trackers can help give you that insight into your data to
figure out what sources you should exclude and also give you ability to
split test your landing pages. Now I’ve personally found split testing your
landing pages is one of the biggest factors that separates newbie affiliates
that are just breaking even from affiliate marketers who are making tons
of money. Being able to put up a lot of landing pages and test them quickly and
assess which are working best, is just such a powerful tool in your arsenal and
this is where click trackers really help you out to make more money as a marketer.
Now there are three main click tracking tools in the market right now that I
would recommend and that are effective to help you take your business to the
next level. Now the oldest one and the most tried-and-true one almost the
original click tracker is VOLUME. So VOLUME was created by a friend of mine
and also a very successful affiliate marketer from Poland whose net worth is
in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Now and he actually has a fun Instagram
this is this is Rob Gryn he just he truly lives the internet lifestyle
here’s him with fancy cars he has an aquarium in his office he constantly is
vacationing in crazy places around the world because it’s doing like douchey
yoga stuff this is the king of all douchebags but you know he’s successful,
he’s young, he’s created a software company a click tracker to help other
affiliate marketers make more money and split test their stuff. His stuff is
pretty highly recommended and this software starts at $69 per month. Now I
personally have been using this software for years
and it’s very effective. The next click tracking tool is also created by a
friend of mine randomly enough I have somehow tend to get make friends with
guys who build software companies and this friend of mine is Carlos Cruz now
he also is a very successful affiliate marketer he’s been making tens of
millions of dollars per year. And he runs a company out here in LA his tracking
tool click tool is very new it was released very recently on the market and
the pricing is very cheap, it’s free up until your first 10,000 clicks very
cheap pricing you can sign up for it and after 10,000 clicks they only charge
about an extra penny per click so this is a great choice if you’re looking to
get started but don’t want to spend a lot of money because of the fact that
it’s free so this would be a very good thing to sign up for it is in beta so
it’s it won’t have as many functionality or features as some of the other click
tracking tools that have been on the market longer but it’s still a very
effective option. I guess the biggest feature is it allows you to cloak your
links which is a really powerful thing, and which is why I anticipate this
software will become much bigger over time. Now the third click tracking tool
that I recommend is called CLICK MAGIC, and this software has also been around
for a number of years thousands and thousands of affiliate marketers use
this and you can sign up for a free trial. This software is not too expensive
it’s it goes from $12 a month $33 a month or 66 dollars a month and you can
get started for free so great software used by some very successful marketers.
And what’s really neat about click magic is that they actually offer a lot of
training in the description or in the top comment they have six trainings on
how click tracking works and how you can get started with it so if you’re looking
to learn more about click tracking on 100% download their guides and go to the
link in my comments to get access to that. So this is a bit of a sketchy tool
and this is really meant for just very aggressive marketers who are marketing
products that the ad networks won’t necessarily approve on their own. Again I
don’t recommend you market products that are not compliant or not meeting the
compliance standards of whatever country or ad network that you’re working with.
But that being said, if you’re going to market some of these hard core CPA
offers, you most likely need a cloaker. Now a cloaker is simply a way it’s not a
way to skirt the laws it’s a way to skirt the rules of ad networks, but it’s
also a way to protect yourself from having other affiliates stealing your
landing pages. Now when you start really making it as an affiliate marketer,
other marketers are gonna want to steal your landing pages. And if you are
innovating if you are pushing the boundaries and doing better marketing
than the next guy people are gonna start other affiliate marketers are gonna
start taking notice and wanting to take your landing pages from you so that they
can better compete against your own advertising cloakers help protect you
there like a security shield against other marketers stealing your stuff. Now
the cloaker I recommend is no IP fraud and you need a referral to use no IP
fraud. Really, this is not something you should be looking into unless you’re an
advanced affiliate marketer. Now as you see here on my computer no IP fraud is a
link protection service this can be very helpful and it also helps you reduce
fraud. Now one of the problems I ran into when I started making more and more
money from affiliate marketing when I started getting my campaigns making me
tens of thousands of dollars per day, what happened to me was other affiliates
would try to sabotage my websites and they would do what’s known as ddossing
or try to hack my sites or try to steal them. “no IP fraud” also helps protect you
from other affiliates that are trying to ddos your site which is called a
dedicated denial of service. When you start reaching the upper levels of
affiliate marketing, you’ll find people will use all sorts of nefarious tactics
to keep you from taking their pie. So this can be an essential tool to help protect yourself and shield you from those
problems. The last tool I’m gonna mention is media buyer management or account
management and this software is not cheap unless you’re making at least
10,000 or even tens of thousands of dollars per month in your affiliate
marketing business, you shouldn’t even consider this tool. This is this tool is
really meant for managing teams if you are a you know what’s called a super
affiliate and you have you know let’s say you have other people working under
you you’re gonna need a way to manage all of the advertising accounts that you
are running ads on and all of the different individuals that you have
working in your company that are setting up ads and managing different aspects of
your business. Now Kowboy kit is really not talked about, but it is a advanced
tool and that’s Kowboy with a K says the ultimate tracking software, it helps you
automate your media buying, it helps you stay organized manage your teams and
really help you focus on scaling, gives you a lot of insights into data, they
help you manage multiple servers many pixels, accounts and it’s self hosted. So
it won’t steal your data, on also they help you optimize your affiliate
marketing so that you can do make more, money, make more profits and ultimately
be more successful. So as you can see on my screen, Kowboy kit runs from anywhere.
From fifteen hundred dollars a month to thirty five hundred dollars a month.
Again this software is not for the weak of heart. The software is really meant for
people who have teams of people or a team of people that are placing ads for
them. Many of the biggest affiliate marketers, you know will end up working
with employees. Personally I’ve always been a lone wolf, so I’ve you know I don’t work with teams of people under me, I just do all the
marketing myself, I try to scale up my campaigns big, and make a lot of money.
Other people would call me you know I call it a lone wolf some people call it
solo solo media buyer. But whatever you want to call it there
are a lot of affiliate marketers who don’t have any employees and just make
millions of millions of dollars by themselves. I prefer to keep it that way
I like the kind of like no strings attached and you know the no you know
employees just cause me a lot of stress so I try to I try to keep employees out
of my business and just focus you know I’m sure I could make more money if I
had employees. But I’m making a few million dollars a year right now I’m
pretty sure I can get that up to the low eight figures I project I can get my
business up to you know ten to fifteen million dollars just working on my own. Now I hope those different softwares help you out in your business, we went
over a lot of different programs right here I’m gonna try to put links below,
but if you enjoyed this video and if learning about these different tools
that can help your business helps you, give a big like if if this just flew
completely over your head and was way too complicated for you to understand
the purpose and the point of all these tools and how they fit into things,
please type in the comments just say over my head because that’ll let me know
that this is this may be a little too advanced also if you want to see more
videos on affiliate marketing and learning how to become successful and
make millions of dollars online as I have or make whatever amount you want.
Make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit that notification icon so that
you’re aware of future videos and also live streams because I sometimes do live
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talk soon have a good day.

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