Bank Of American Home Buyers Program 2019 – DPA & Closing Cost

Hey, hey what’s going on this Raoul here? I’m coming to you with this quick video about Bank of America’s new Program just yesterday Bank of America dropped a closing cost and down payment assistant program where they’re paying up to 3 percent but not to exceed ten thousand dollars on your down payment and Up to seven thousand five hundred dollars towards closing costs These closing costs are for one-time fee only so it won’t cover things like escrow and stuff like that But everything that you have to pay one-time and closing they’re gonna cover Now what makes this a game-changer is? Traditionally when you’re going to buy a new construction and you shopping around and you already have a pre-qual letter in your hand you go to this new builder and say hey I want This house. I’m already pre-qual. They look like yeah Well, if you don’t work with our in-house lender we’re not gonna pay your closing costs and all this and then that pre-qual you walked in with is trash and you go ahead and House blender. Well, what Bank of America just did it just open up the floodgates for you to look at new construction and get your closing cost paid and a reseller closing costs paid Details coming soon, but I look forward to sharing more with you Ask this program get rolling and it has an expiration date of October 30 of 2019

6 thoughts on “Bank Of American Home Buyers Program 2019 – DPA & Closing Cost

  1. I'm taking advantage of this program. They're paying my closing cost and getting $2,000 grant based on seller supplying 3% closing help.

  2. We are applying for this in my neighborhood. This is amazing. You should make another video going more in depth on the qualifications. This video was great.

  3. Short sweet and too the point like it! I have question though, can the $7,500 Americas home grant program also be used with the mortgage tax certificate credit program?

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