ASO tutorial: Building semantic core for App Store Optimisation with AppFollow

AppFollow provides you with a bunch of ASO features that help you boost your App Store optimization and get more app download In this video, you’ll learn some of our best practices for finding the right keywords First let’s create a list of relevant keywords, then we’ll pick the best ones for updating the app text Click `Add suggested keywords` and our system will show some relevant keywords for your app Click `Missing keywords` to find keywords that your app is ranking for Grey keywords are those that are not added to your list yet. You can check the keywords before adding them to your collection or add all keywords As you can see they are grouped by different tops It means that `Calm` app is ranking first for this set of words and In top-5 for this set of words and so on Don’t forget to track your positions for keywords from top-10, -5 and -1 to see how your app position is changing over time and Replace those keywords where your app rank is going down Keyword ideas will show suggest from a store that you can add to your keyword list suggest are popular words that users often type when searching for an app Such keywords will most likely bring more traffic and don’t be surprised when you find Suggest with typoes if they are popular, you’ll see them in the keyword ideas as well Keyword spy will find keywords of your competitors. Just type the app name in the search field It’s a good idea to use keywords that your competitors index by you’ll have a chance to go ahead of their apps You can even pick keywords from different countries on this page Keyword research is one more handy feature for searching relevant keywords It duplicates the store’s search page just type a keyword or app name here And on the left, you will see suggest from App Store or Google Play Store search tab On the right there are apps from search results Exactly as you see them in App Store or Google Play including daily stories, in-apps, app bundles and search ads Click any app here to find out a hundred more suggests from Apple search ads Finally, check out our traffic score It will display app store recommendations for advertising in search ads together with their popularity assessment When you set up an Apple Ads campaign App Store will offer the most relevant and popular keywords This is exactly what you’ll find in our traffic Score section After we have gathered keywords, let’s check them on the keywords in ASO page We have gathered plenty of keywords for `Calm` app. Now, let’s narrow them down First have a look at keyword popularity. This score shows how often users search a keyword in stores we use our internal mechanism that evaluates more than 25 different parameters and Calculates the score using a special formula. We recommend using keywords with popularity not less than 20 You can serve the least popular keywords here and delete them Now have a look at apps column It shows how many apps the store displays for each keyword We don’t need keywords with huge competition So click here to see keywords with the smallest number of apps Now, let’s pick those keywords that have: A. good popularity; B. small competition C. those that are not used in the app name or its subtitle and D. those where your app has no rank or is ranking low Keywords that suit all these four points would be the best option for using them in your semantic core If you add them into your app name, your app will have the biggest chance to show up in top results for these keywords After updating the name or Subtitle for App Store or Google Play you can track how it affects conversion in the ASO analytics section To see the information about your app here connect your App Store Connect or Google Play Console account To evaluate the success of your text optimization check out search channel and downloads, impressions or page views Hover over the graph to see the number of downloads for a specific day, red triangles show app updates By the way, we will have a more detailed look at these tools in our next video When working on App Store optimization It’s important to analyze the experience of your competitors and monitor trends of the market That’s why we recommend adding competitors to your account and monitoring their updates in the timeline section If you’d like to have more information about an app also go to apps, here our system will provide some ASO Recommendations, for example, we show if you could use more characters in the app title or its subtitle Also, if you’d like to get expert help, you’re always welcome to talk to our ASO specialists Click the link below the video to find out more about our team

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