ArCore Demonstration On Moto G5S plus

hey there digital friends welcome back
to digital visions I have the moto g5s plus with me which is the first
motorola smartphone to get the dual camera set up Google recently released
the ar core supported devices list and moto g5splus is one of them
let’s see how the VR core apps work on the device here is the list of supported
devices that Google launched and you can see whether your phone is there in this
list or not from the link which is kept in the description below
let’s see some apps whether these were perfectly or not let’s get into the app
for better viewing first install the ar core app which was
made by Google from the Play Store you can search by the app or you can
download from the link in the description below this is the AR core
app which is supported by only few devices and luckily G5s plus got the
support let’s see the app just a line in this app we can draw so many lines which
are white in color and after drawing we can see them in a three-dimensional way let’s see how it works we can also connect to the other device
in which ar core is supported so that we both can draw at a time this is my
favorite ar game where we can use a car and control it and perform some stunts I have so many other apps where we can
test how the 3d works this is the app where we can see the
solar system live if you click on the night mode the background disappears and
we can see the stars also we can see all the planets in a three dimensional way there are so many apps which support the
AR core where you can search the apps in the Play Store you can get amazing cool
apps which works perfectly thanks for watching this video and subscribe

45 thoughts on “ArCore Demonstration On Moto G5S plus

  1. The camera quality is not even close to the 12mp Galaxy S7 sensor in my regular g5 plus. Looks pretty choppy idk if that's the Snapdragon 6xx chip or the apps themselves I'll keep my great camera quality over this gimmicky stuff nice video though

  2. Oreo in your device , you downloaded it from somewhere
    Or it's new update in this phone
    Because I'm also using this phone

  3. Brother I installed at core on my Moto g5s plus but when I open camera it doesn't show anything​ like that kindly provide full guidance

  4. Hi, great video. I'm the author of SolarSystemAR and PaperTossAR, thanks to "Digital Visions" to review my apps. Try my others apps/games and let me know what do you think.
    My playstore page:

  5. Can you explain in short how to register as a beta tester in Motorola Forum please.
    BTW great video mate.

  6. Hey bro help me
    I have downloaded arcore and just a line and the app just a line is showing can't find a place for your line what should I do please help me

  7. honestly this is truly goddamn fucking pathetic on the most fucking pathetic level and fucking humanity. How the fuck is G6 not supported it is higher goddamn form. FUCK U MOTOROLA!🖕

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