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  1. Lol when he said "autocad" was the one used by our teachers back in the day. When here is me thinking it is new technology coz i learned to draft on drafting manually! Screw you for making me feel old haha good vid.

  2. Once a person masters photoshop, There is really no other software which can give the same kinda love that he gets from it.

  3. I've struggled in studying programs like sketchup, vray, revit and photoshop and out of all the architectural channels i've subscribed this was the most helpful and my go to when i need to learn and make my designs standout, thank you and keep up the good work!!

  4. I work on programs from each category. In addition to Autocad- this program is from the '80s and working on it is a waste of time and energy;P
    Autocad sucks! i Who is designing a line after the line in the 21st century? Intended for old, unreformable grandparents!

  5. I personally use lumion with some of these program and for me and can really feel the freedom and creativity in it. My common programs i use are Autocad, 3dsmax, sketchup, lumion & photoshop

  6. In my opinion all you need is a BIM-Software (with included Render-Engine) and Photoshop. If you are into parametric Architecture Rhino is the number one.

  7. lumion's good. it's like playing sims with live animations (e.g. leaf on tree is moving). simply export the file from sketchup and insert the model into a terrain of choice (mountains, grass field, etc) and you can edit it afterwards (change sky, add trees/plants/lamp post/cars/people/etc). to adjust camera position/angle, it is similar to fps games by using wasd.

  8. 1:40 That's not really true. Archicad is seamlessly compatible with Sketchup, Rhino and 3DSMax. You can import and export .skp, .3dm and .3ds files directly without any problem. And you don't need other programs like Autocad for example, because Archicad is very strong in 2D, too. That's the main-difference between both programs. Anyway. I like them both, even if I prefer Archicad. Very good video! Very informative. Keep on doing this good content!

  9. Very good video, wish I had something to clarify various software like this at the beginning of my degree. Really great all the same, good work!

  10. Great briefing! There are some new tendencies that might or might not have some further development regarding live walkthroughs, VR and such. It will be interesting to see how those tools affects design processes. Love your content, thanks and keep it up.

  11. I only use ArchiCad and Photoshop. I use ArchiCad for rendering too. It has become better at rendering, but still not comparable to the rendering programs. I really need to learn some rendering program…

  12. Thank you for the great content! I'm an ArchiCad user since school but most of the offices we collaborate with use AutoCad and going back and forth converting dwg and losing points of reference is not an option. Any advice other than convert to Revit ?

  13. Love all of your videos. Thank you so much for the hard work you do and the time put into these. You've helped greatly in understanding and improving my skill sets. Keep it up!

  14. Minimum: AutoCAD, SketchUp, Photoshop
    Recommend: Revit, Illustrator, InDesign, (Rendering engine eg. Vray)
    PRO: Grasshopper

  15. https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UC7qWKIvYPeKymJgxDhhAYKg/videos?utm_campaign=upgrade&utm_medium=redirect&utm_source=%2Fanalytics watch this

  16. why many firms expect and demand most and all software from a single person like blender, after effects, keyshots,adobe premiere pro and lot more..; ???

  17. Revit, Archicad, Vectorworks, Sketchup etc… doesn't matter which software you work with.. It is all about what can you do with it.

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