Architecture Program at NewSchool

Architecture is about questioning. It’s about understanding
how we solve problems and how we relate ourselves to the future. It’s helping a student find
their future role for themselves in the world. Many of the faculty are working professionals,
and they’re engaged in these problems that students will be
addressing in the studio. And this provides us a greater opportunity
to deliver content to the students in a
more cohesive, comprehensive way;
and also to integrate that content into the studio
courses that the students will be simultaneously taking
with their lecture material. Our architecture program is consisted of
consecutive studio courses. So basically it’s a very design oriented program. Starting from first year, you really get the
basic techniques of the line of work; how to draw, how to shade, how to shadow how to
delineate. And you go on to second year where you start
developing your concepts, and third year where you really start to look at building
systems and how long span structures work. And applying all that fouth year,
it’s really a comprehensive year and you combined all that together to create
outdoor urban environments. Every student is assigned their own design
studio space, they have access to that space twenty four
seven. Over here and I have a lot of my tool chest
where I keep kind of like my wood, my glue. This is kind of a work desk where I put together
models and over here is really where I’d put together
all my projects, cutting mat always on the computer. Computer is
incredibly essential to what we’re working on. So they’re able to come in and pursue their
work, their ideas round-the-clock, whenever it’s
most convenient for them. It’s just a lot of freedom to be able to experiment,
and do what you want to do. This school has strong emphases
on sustainability. Especially in today’s
environment, I think how they operate as sustainable citizens,
considering all the environmental implications that architecture brings to
the environment. We need teach our students to manifest sustainability
in every aspect of their designs. And to work with students to solve those kinds
of problems, and to find their role and their place
in that society that addresses those things, is to me one of the most creative things you
could do. The immeasurable point
is the point that arouses everybody’s
feelings. This is a major improvement. I think that one of the most important things
that NewSchool offers a student is the notion of professionalism. We’re focused on
helping them enter the profession. I really feel like if I were
to be given a commission, I feel like I have the knowledge,
and the experience to really begin working on the
programmatic functions of the building, the concepts of the building. I have the confidence that I need to
to begin working these kind of firms, and on those kind of
projects. Architecture is not just about
building buildings, it’s about a broader mission. It really is about strategizing how we plan
our lives in the future, and to me that’s really exciting.

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  1. Awesome.! The own studio space literally made me smile (': I visited you guys at a college fair. I was welcomed and got a sketch book.! You guys are my 2nd on the list for college.! 😀

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