Apps We Can’t Live Without – WWDC 2014

I think a developer would look
like a geek. Nerdy, plaid. Unshaven, glasses. Spikey hair, beard. A guy behind a door, that’s got
enough of a crack they can slide a pizza underneath. I think you won’t even know who
a developer is. I think you’d be surprised. I really don’t know what a
developer looks like, but the apps they make let us do
amazing things. You can talk about a project,
you can articulate it rationally, but you
cannot communicate architectural ideas without a
drawing. I use an App called Paper by
Fifty-Three. It really provideds a sense of freedom, a sense
of being emancipated from technology. It allows you to communicate as if directly from your heart,
from your soul. It’s just part of you. And I
think that that magic is part of the app world. The app I cannot live without is
a banking app named Zhi Fu Bao. Air BnB saved my life. I talk to my friends. Like blah, blah, blah, blah,
Instagram, Tumbr. Evernote. That’s the one. I’m addicted to Pinterest
because it is amazing. There’s so much entertainment. Duck face. It’s limitless what you can do. The ocean, for me, is the lungs
of our planet. The health of the ocean is
absolutely essential to the health of us as human
beings. Pangaea runs a sailing
expedition vessel to help scientists collect data on marine debris all around the
world. There’s a variety of apps that I
use everyday. iNavX is essential for us to be able to navigate
the vessel. Marine Debris Tracker allows you
to enter the marine debris that you
find into a global database, so we can start to build up a
bigger picture of this problem around the
world. I think these apps are essential
for us to be able to bring change to
what’s going on in the ocean. The best app of all time has to
be Tinder. I’m most probably like the
millions of people that’s got sucked into
Candy Crush. Robot Unicorn Attack 2. Crazy girl looking to meet new
people in London. Interesting. Words With Friends, Scrabble. I play Solitaire and of course I
always win. We are stewards of dreams and
hope for hitters. They come in and they want to achieve amazing
things and that’s my job. Dartfish has just made my life so much easier. I’m able to
break down the swing into parts, so that you
can see, okay, here’s the mistake and here’s
the adjustment that I need to make. So what you have is a
kid that can not only do it right, but then you
can train him on doing it over and over and over. Now they’re able to look and
say, “You know what I’m getting better.” And that’s
one of the things that you need for life in general, but in
sports you want hope. And so now it’s easy for them to
focus on dreaming. We need like a silence finder
app. Pop, pop, pop, pop. Pop, pop,
pop. I gravitate towards very
melancholy and painful songs. ♪♪ Ahhh ♪♪ And then it’s time to turn the
page, whoop. This has become as essential as
my guitar. There are apps that help people,
that like, really improve people’s lives. Every now and then I’ll sort of
stare at the hand, with the sense of sort of wonder going, “Wow.” It is like magic, it really is. In combination with the hand the
app has allowed me to gain functionality and independence. I enjoy being known as the kid
with the bionic arm. You know, it’s something
interesting, and it’s something different, and I’m a big fan of being
different. You open up an app and you open up a possibility and a whole world is being born. What we really have is an
intersection between technology and art. You see the world in a different
way and I think an app can do that
because it really does open something you didn’t
know beforehand. Developers are doing
extraordinary things. I can’t believe what they’re
creating today, it’s genius. If I met the person that made
Sky Go, I’d probably give him a
massive hug. You inspire me so much. They make our lives better and
they think of things that, obviously, regular people can’t
think of. I don’t know how the technology
works, it’s just magic to me. There’s no question they are
changing the world. So, to everyone who’s made any
apps that I’ve ever enjoyed I say, “Thank you.”

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