AppointmentPlus Mobile Apps

Appointment-Plus is proud to offer free mobile
apps to its administrative users! Want to take your business schedule with you? Now you can keep track of your appointments
with almost any smartphone or tablet. Other benefits to using the mobile apps include: • Detailed Appointment History — To let
you view your customers past and future appointments. • Access Multiple Schedules — Or limit
access to a single schedule. • View package details — quickly see which
package a customer is using and how much of the package remains. Apps are currently available for download
through the Apple and Google app stores. Just search for “Appointment Plus” in the
app store to find and download the app for free. After installing the app, click on the Appointment-Plus
icon on your phone or tablet to access your account. Simply enter the login and password you normally
use to access Appointment-Plus. You can then Add & Update Appointments and
Customer Information, directly from your mobile device. The apps are free to use for existing Appointment
Plus users. Take your schedule with you wherever you go
with the mobile apps for Apple and Android. Don’t have Appointment Plus yet? To get started,
Schedule a free guided tour at today!

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