Application Tips – Statement of Purpose

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, my name is Julia Sprague
and I’m Director of Admissions at UC Berkeley School
of Information. I’m here today to share
tips on how to craft a strong statement of purpose. Your statement of purpose
should convince us that you will succeed in and
contribute to a rigorous UC Berkeley program. It’s an opportunity to showcase
your achievements and goals. As you write your
statement of purpose, keep these four sections in mind
for a well-structured essay. First, introduce yourself, your
interests and your motivations. Explain why data
science interests you and why you want to pursue
your master’s in data science. Keep this brief. Next, summarize your
academic background, including undergraduate
and graduate study. Feel free to discuss
your research or projects with particular focus
on quantitative work. Third, discuss any relevant
professional experience that has prepared
you for MIDS program. Elaborate on your work
experience, recent projects, and what you’ve learned. Be sure to highlight
experiences that demonstrate your analytical abilities. Explain how graduate school will
help achieve your career goals. Fourth, discuss areas of study
that interest you the most. Provide enough
detail to convince us that you understand the
program and that you’re engaged with current industry themes. After you’ve
completed the essay, ask your friends, family
or colleagues to review it. They can check for
grammatical errors and make sure you’ve
covered what we’ve asked. Remember, your
statement of purpose is a chance to highlight what
makes you a strong candidate to the MIDS program. Good luck with your application. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. First. See me gettin' into this school. Look out. I'm a data shark. Also a data octopus….wait

    data manatee

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