Application Shorinji Kempo. Master Class Sensei. 大いなる遺産 少林寺拳法 [SUBTITLE]

You are in Japan, Tadotsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. This is the training center and monastery of Shorinji Kempo. Kongo-Dzen Sohodzan Shorinji Kempo. Before the start of classes, Chinkon Gyo. Say the words: “Meditations, Faiths and Oaths” by Shorinji Kempo. The senior teacher who conducts the classes reads the words: “Meditations, Faith and Oath” by Shorinji Kempo. All participants in the class together say the words: “Reflections, faith and oath” Shorinji Kempo. I myself am a refuge. Who should I rely on? Only on yourself! The great goal and the real will is a really rare and wonderful source of strength. By doing evil, I defile myself, without doing evil, I cleanse myself. Purity and filth are my own deeds, and no one but myself can cleanse my heart. We promise to read and remember the founder. Respect your teachers and elders. We respect those who are ahead of us, do not neglect those who are behind us. We provide assistance just as we receive it from the participants of the Shorinji Kempo. We help each other to follow the Path of Shorinji Kempo with honor. We promise to study Shorinji Kempo with the zeal and sincerity of a newborn baby. We promise to use this Art only to help people and never for our own benefit. In the main hall, passes practice Shorinji Kempo. Sensei Araya, demonstrates and shows the subtleties of Shorinji Kempo’s applied combat equipment. Shorinji Kempo’s fighting techniques are intended only for self-defense. Reception is called Tai Ten Ichi, protection against two fists. With counter leg. Shorinji Kempo contains six basic tenets: – Unity of Spirit and Body (ken zen iti neo); Unity of Power and Love (Riki ai fu ni); First defense, then attack (kusyu shusu); Saving the lives of other people (Fusatsu Katsu Jin); The unity of hard and soft (go ju ittai); Priority pairing practice (kumie sutyi). One of the oldest Sensei masters, Yamazaki, to share his Mastery of Shorinji Kempo. Unity of Power and Love (Riki ai fu ni) expresses the right attitude to actions and life. Unity of Spirit and Body (ken zen iti neo) reflects the approach to the practice, the comprehension of one’s own way of life. In the process of training, the following postulates must be adhered to: First, defense, then attack (kusyu shushu); Saving the lives of other people (Fusatsu Katsu Jin) The unity of hard and soft (go ju ittai) Priority joint study Shorinji Kempo. (Kumite sutai). Shorinji Kampo is not just a theoretical discipline for the mind, it is also not a way to gain superiority through the practice of exercise. Training at Shorinji Kempo is a method of simultaneously transforming both mind and body, requiring constant self-esteem and revealing our hidden opportunities. This is the unity of the spirit and the body. The second basic postulate of Shorinji Kempo is the Unity of Power and Love. Its meaning is that life cannot be happy if you possess only love and compassion; intelligence and strength are also needed. If you see how someone is hurt, and you want to help out of love and compassion, then without courage and strength you will be useless. On the other hand, power without love and compassion is nothing but ordinary cruelty. To fight evil and injustice, you first need to learn to distinguish the good from the bad, then be able to assess the situation and apply your skills, giving a bold rebuff. There is an expression: “Justice without strength is weakness. Power without justice is cruelty” You must harmonize your strength and love, combine intelligence and compassion, and then use them as the basis of your actions; You yourself must make your life happy and stable, actively contribute to the cause of peace and the prosperity of society. The third postulate of Shorinji Kempo is: The defense is primary, the attack is secondary (ko-sho kuju). Almost all of the Shorinji Kempo technique begins with a defense, and then a counterattack follows. Confirming thereby the truthfulness of Shorinji Kempo’s approach to the use of martial art, the essence of which is protection against aggression. It is based on this deeply spiritual idea that one should not mindlessly attack first. From the point of view of technology, defending yourself, you are less vulnerable than the attacking enemy, which gives you a chance to take advantage of this. The fourth postulate of Shorinji Kempo is Saving the lives of others. The Shorinji Kampo technique is not intended to kill or injure people. It is for self defense, help and life improvement. The Shorinji Kempo technique is effective in its painful effect on the enemy, which can make him give up the desire to fight. At the heart of it is the effect on the points of the meridians of the body, used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine. This allows you to use more rational tactics, technique and strength, achieving great effect with minimal effort. Therefore, our art promotes good for the people, not killing or causing serious harm to someone. The principle of saving life is important from the point of view of the status of Shorinji Kempo as “Gyo” – discipline of personal development. The fifth postulate of Shorinji Kempo is the Unity of hard and soft (go ju ittai). The Goho section (hard technique) contains punches, kicks, slashing, punched (hammer-hammer) blows and biases. The Juho section (soft technique) includes defense, release from seizures, painful creases. And although these sections consist of their technical elements, they complement each other, thereby enhancing the impact, making it more effective. This is what we call “go ju ittai”, the unity of hard and soft techniques. Moreover, the Goho section contains elements of Juho, and the Juho section contains Goho elements, this is the “go ju ittai” application of the technique. Sixth Postulate Shorinji Kempo – Training should be conducted with a partner (kumite sutai). This is necessary to acquire skills that cannot be developed alone, such as distance (maai), the ability to defend and attack, actions against a moving enemy. This is a way to become stronger yourself and help to become a stronger partner, developing a spirit of friendship, joint progress, helping to make new friends. Applying technique and painful effects on each other, you reveal its nuances, learn to use speed, power, etc. Therefore, training with a partner to help improve technique and foster character.

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