Application Engineer at KEB America: Carlton Stripe

So my name is Carlton stripe. I’m an
application engineer here at KEB America. (music playing) So I studied mechanical engineering in
college. One thing that really appealed to me for KEB, was the ability to work
with power electronic components, like variable frequency drives, and
control equipment, and things like that, along with some of the mechanical nature
of like gear motors and brakes and things like that. You know with that
background I’ve worked a lot in manufacturing. So this application
engineer role was a little different for me because now I’m directly interfacing
with customers and end users of equipment, where I’ve never really had
that opportunity before. I myself am a very visual learner. So just reading
through text is sometimes hard to grasp what the full nature of how something
works or how it functions and things like that. So right after I was first
hired, I think my second week on the job, I started in my time in the production
area. So I first started just kind of overseeing the production of some of our
Combinorm clutches, and then I myself got my hands on some of the the
equipment and got to help with the testing and help with the build. So
getting to go out to the production line and see how brakes and clutches and, you
know, the magnets are assembled and all the drives are built, was really
informative to me early on, because it gave me that base that I needed to
understand what, you know, the principle fundamentals were of our products. Then
when I would learn more about them kind of in the office with the
application guys, it really taught me a lot. There’s so many great resources here
with application engineers who have years and years and decades of
experience that whenever you have a question you can reach out to
them because they’ve probably seen it or something very similar. So no matter
what question you have there’s somebody that can get you a good answer and
that was really good for me starting out back in early 2018. I think one
thing that I really like is no matter what day it is you never know what could
come through the phone or what issue could arise whether with a customer
application or you know with a machine. And I think that’s the thing that kind
of keeps me on my toes and keeps the work I do really interesting is, every
day I learn something new. Whether it’s a new error that I’ve never seen
before, or a new application that I’ve never heard of that our equipment is on,
getting to see what the issue is and then trying to find a way to address it
to help our customers succeed in what they do as well. That’s the thing that
really interest me the most about our work is there’s so much variability
and just a lot of different things that can take place. A routine typically, a lot of time we’re kind of by the phones. Depends on the day, but we can
have a couple technical service calls for for customers that are having issues.
But then outside of that, myself being new I just try to learn
and do testing at my desk with my desk demos, just trying to understand the
drive technology and our product technology more, just by exposure to
applications and to just testing in the parameterization and things like that.
And then just working on our customer startups that we have. If a
client comes in and requests new equipment, we help source equipment to
them based on their needs and application. And then
once the equipment is delivered and then we work on programming and setting it up
and commissioning it so that they can easily start it up and get their
machine going to mass produce for their customers. So those are kind of the major
components, it kind of shifts day-to-day depending on availability and what’s
kind of going on, you know, with the technical support side. But those are
just some of the things that I find day-to-day in my position. From my
experience the people at KEB are very helpful, very resourceful, very
hard-working. You come to work and you know everyone is gonna do the job that
they need to do and they’re also gonna be very friendly and helpful about it.
There’s always smiling faces always people there to ask if you need
help. And everyone’s a great resource. And it’s a great team to work with

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