Apple VPP and Managed Google Play Store

Hi, and welcome to this short video on Apple VPP or Volume Purchase Program and Managed Google Play Store. On a regular consumer device, which you’ll find is an appstore icon, be it either Apple’s Appstore or Google Play, where you would log on using your personal account to get access to the consumer apps and dowload free apps or apps that you’ve purchased and paid for. Do note that this account is considered as a personal account, and it is not intended to be used with business applications. So, what Apple and Google has is that, in
parallel with these consumer appstores, they have created a business appstore. In Apple’s case it is called Volume Purchase Program (VPP), and in Google’s case it is called Managed Google Play Store. These are appstores where you would create a logon with a single account for the company and purchase apps or rather appliances in
bulk, and distribute these to your managed devices. The really important part to keep in mind
is the fact that these two things are separate. So, apps that are in consumer appstore may not be available in the business appstore. And they can also coexist on a device. So, even though you use the business app store to push applications to the device, you can still allow the user to log on to the consumer appstore to get access to the apps that they have purchased or are free. Or, because these devices are managed by your MDM, you can also deny the user’s access to these appstores if you so wish. That was all I had for this video. I hope that cleared up some questions. If you have any further, please don’t hesitate
with getting in touch with us. Thank you, have a nice day!

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  1. hi, i have a business app but it works on apple and google, how can i make this work as i do not understand, is there a way that i can control both on on account, as apple do not like white label apps, please can you give me a solution. thanks

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