AppArmor Custom Mobile Safety Apps

meg here is a student at a recognized University she discovered her University's very own official custom branded mobile safety app and downloaded it without any hesitation Meg can instantly reach out to campus security or police for help via one-to-one chat if she feels a bit unsafe while traveling to a location on or off campus she can use the virtual walk home or friend walk features to send her location to campus safety services or a friend to ensure she has safely reached her destination in case of an emergency she can easily raise an emergency call her location is pinpointed on interactive maps with state-of-the-art geolocation features also keeping her aware of happenings around her if she sees something out of place men can easily report a tip in a variety of ways for the campus security or police to follow up on in case of an active threat she can immediately access safety tips or offline ready emergency plans on her phone to ensure her safety her university or college can also send out notifications to her and her colleagues the unlimited geo-located push notifications a ton of other useful features help Meg feel safe and happy at our University and all of this is made possible by app armour the industry standard in custom branded mobile safety apps not just for colleges and universities but for a variety of other organizations around the world remember a custom mobile safety app is the most effective and affordable way to engage people about safety let us show you how visit our website to try out a prototype for free

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