App Store Optimization Tip: Where Should I Place Keywords?

Hi, everyone. Welcome back to our ASO tips. I’m Svea from App Radar. And, in today’s video, I’m going to show you where to place keywords in your metadata. If you haven’t watched the first three videos, go back and watch them. Let’s dive into it. Ok, now we are at the last step of our ASO update. Where we need to decide where do we actually put the keywords. Cause we ended up with a list, but this doesn’t mean that we know where to put them. Cause you have the Name, the Subtitle, and the Keyword field. You decide on where to put them, also by looking at your opportunity list. So, you look at the keyword where you see the highest opportunity, And that you put in the highest ranking fields, Which are the App Name, followed by the Subtitle, and followed by the Keyword filed for iOS. So, the keyword combination that we are really focused on, that we truly believe in is “mlg flappy bird.” Which we discussed during the previous videos. So, what we are now trying to do is to bring the keywords that are not in our metadata yet. Which is “mlg” and “flappy” into our metada. So, for example, we could add “mlg” to our title. Say “The MLG Adventure.” Also for the subtitle, we still have 13 characters left, so we can use that space to add the keyword “flappy.” “Fly with flappy friends” And that’s basically how you add keywords to your metadata. Also pay attention that you are using the characters. So, now, you would continue with the next opportunity keyword to see “ok can I maybe add more keywords here to the subtitle where I see an opportunity?” If not, you should add them to your keyword field.

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