Android Q Beta 6, Coral updates, Contact Picker for the web

[MUSIC PLAYING] DAN GALPIN: Hello. I’m Dan Galpin for
“The Developer Show.” This is your weekly update
on the coolest developer news from Google. The final beta update
of Android Q, Beta 6, was released this week with
gesture navigation changes, so make sure to test your
apps for compatibility as soon as possible. And consider supporting dark
theme, foldable screens, more interactive notifications,
better biometrics and more. To get started with Android
Q, check out the post. The Contact Picker API begins
an origin trial in Chrome 77 as part of our
capabilities project, addressing one of the most
common feature requests we hear. The Contact Picker API
is a new on-demand picker that allows users to select
entries from their contact list and share limited
details of the selected entries with a website. Check out the article
to get started. Coral, Google’s local AI
hardware and software platform, has updated the compiler,
the Edge TPU Python library, added support for Edge
TPU model acceleration, and released Edge TPU customized
image classification models. Read more, along with info on
Arrow student-teacher discounts in the post. We announced the
general availability of Cloud Security Scanner
for Google Kubernetes Engine and Compute Engine joining
Cloud Security Scanner for App Engine, allowing you to
quickly gain insights into your web app’s
vulnerabilities and take action before a
bad actor can exploit them. To get started with
Cloud Security Scanner, check out the post. We announced the
general availability of context-aware access in
Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy for SSH and RDP, allowing
you to control access to VMs based on a user’s
identity and context. To get started,
check out the post. AMD EPYC processors
are now available for our internal workloads,
and they will soon be available to Google
Cloud customers, offering new virtual machines
powered by second-gen AMD EPYC processors. These will be the
largest general purpose VMs we’ve ever
offered, and they’ll be available later this year. Read more in the post. Please remember to like,
subscribe, and share. I’m Dan Galpin for
“The Developer Show.” Thanks for watching, and
we’ll see you next week. Look at the cast. You know, actually, it’s
all about the cast, really. There we go. Cast.

7 thoughts on “Android Q Beta 6, Coral updates, Contact Picker for the web

  1. Are contacts going to be able to opt out of Contact-Picker? I don't want ANYONE sharing my info without my explicit consent, and NO, allowing my info to be put in someones address book does not give them the right to share any of that info with anyone they deem fit.

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