Android Developer Story: WPS Office Software creates innovative experiences for users on Google Play

I’m Ke Ge, CEO of WPS WPS was established in 1998, with the aim of providing our users with a friendly and convenient way of working. Furthermore, we were the first company to offer a portable working experience in 2011. And the mobile edition of WPS Office has a user growth rate of over 300% since its launch. Google Play’s global influence and reach makes WPS Office now has more than 100 million daily active users on mobile devices across more than 200 countries. Combining the innovative features of Android and working experience led WPS Office to the App of 2015. We have also been named as a top developer and editor’s choice in the Google Play store, and have recently reached 100 million downloads. Google’s continuous innovation provides us with more possibilities to succeed. I’m the CTO of WPS, Qingyuan Zhang. Listening to our user’s feedback is key to optimizing our product. The translation service in the Developer Console has helped us communicate freely with users worldwide. We use Store Listing Experiments to help us understand global user’s preferences, so we can choose the best screenshots, descriptions, and highlight features for every update on Google Play. By using Google Play’s in-app product feature we have been able to offer many value-added services to our users, and in turn received significant benefits. Our monthly orders are growing by 86.2% and our monthly revenue has improved by 61.9%. I’m Dong Wang, Product Manager at WPS. Keeping up with the Android platform’s latest features and design enables us to grow rapidly in international markets. WPS Office was the very first Chinese app to support Multi-window view after Android 7.0 Nougat officially launched. This feature improves user’s productivity by allowing them to open two documents for reference checking or editing and browsing the internet simultaneously. The Material Design guidelines rendered a more intuitive and clearer interface for our product, and this is also a key reason why users love WPS. With the growing number of people using WPS Office, it is important that we continue to adapt to users needs. We are able to do this with the help of Google Play and because of the innovations and consistent support from Google, we believe that WPS Office will grow to be a one-stop working solution for more people around the world.

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