Android Developer Story: Wallapop increases installs with store listing experiments on Google Play

[gentle music] Gomez: Wallapop is app
with a simple concept. Just consists
on a flea market on your mobile phone
and every item is localized. On your mobile device,
Wallapop simulates a walk around your neighborhood and you start discovering
the stuff that your neighbors are selling. Really provides
this impulsive buying behavior. Very different to common
classified experience. There was a point of my life
when I decided it’s time to start
a new challenge. So I decided to start
Wallapop in Barcelona. The day one
we were only two people and after one month
of the development we achieved
the number one position in Spain in the Play Store. One of the keys of Wallapop
has been its simplicity. People from 15 year olds
to 60 has been selling stuff on the Wallapop site. And more than 70% of our users come from the Android platform. Gui: My name is Marta
and I work on Wallapop as a growth hacking manager. We started using store listing
experiments one year ago and after testing we optimized
the organic downloads by 17%. At the beginning
we started testing too much things
at the same time, so result wasn’t congruent so we decided
to test step-by-step. What we decided to test first
was the short description. And we optimized 6%
of organic downloads. For the next test was with
our Business Intelligence Team and they told us which were
the top sold products. So we did
four different experiments with the four
highlighted products to test how attractive
it was for the users. What we found out
while testing this is that there were
two type of users: the decisive users
and the experienced users. So what we did
is to work on a cover that will be very recognizeable
for this decisive users using the main slogan
of Wallapop and the things that they saw
on the TV ad. We even test shuffling
the screens to see what effect
this will have and we see very good results. When creating your
Google Play store page you have to think about
the first impression because it might be the only
chance you have to convince a user
to download your app. Gomez:
Since we started Wallapop we have grown
a very huge family. This incredible success
has been something that is gonna happen
once in a lifetime and I’m very grateful
to have been able just to lead all this team.
It has been the toughest and the greatest experience
of my life.

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  1. Kudos to Agus Gomez and Marta Gui for sharing their experience and expertise in Wallapop! Thanks for the post Android Developer! 😀

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