Android Developer Story: Ufoto achieve global success with Google Play & Android (Go edition)

My name is Ji Chen CEO of Ufoto Since we started the company in 2016 we’ve published several selfie and social sharing apps into the global market Our first app, Sweet Selfie exceeded 1M Daily Active Users in less than 3 months and was featured on Google Play As of today the app has reached 300M downloads worldwide Our new app Sweet Snap focuses on animated stickers and short videos with special effects So people can capture happy memories in a more vivid way I’m Li Zeng, Product Manager of Ufoto As our products are focused on the global market the combination of the characteristics of selfies including retouch, filters, stickers, collages, photo booth, frames, and backgrounds requires that appropriate localization becomes key to sustaining high retention For example, in India we prepared stickers and collages with red Holi powder throwing effects which let people celebrate the festival right in the palms of their hands We use Firebase Remote Config to conduct an effective operation strategy and use A/B Testing to verify our design approach Now our selfie assets have over 1M downloads per day and they are used more than 5M times per day The sharing rate of our selfie assets has increased by 100% The challenge in emerging markets like India, Brazil and Mexico is dealing with the varying hardware specs and network connectivity We use Multiple APKs to publish different apks that each targeted to different configurations We have also developed different image processing algorithms for different device specifications Thanks to Android Go, we are able to deliver a fine-tuned experience on entry level phones We removed unnecessary dynamic libraries in our app and let it download smaller assets if it runs on smaller screen and storage To optimize performance, we change cache allocation dynamically based on the size of available RAM If the RAM is running low, a more aggressive recycle strategy will be used Our app size is 25% smaller on Android Go and uses 20% less RAM After making our apps Android Go ready Sweet Snap’s DAU has increased by 465% Selfie represents an optimistic lifestyle These selfies with people smiling are what drives us forward Google Play provides us with a global stage by giving us the opportunity to entertain Android users in different countries We’ll continue to try to discover new ways to take selfies and keep helping people around the world to capture the special moments in their lives

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  1. Hey Android Developers, is Fuchsia going to replace Android and should Android Developers like me worry about their job?

  2. I would not feature them, Google. They even show no respect for Android users, keeping the same presentation with i-phone lookalikes in the Google PlayStore.

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