Android Developer Story: Quizlet

In high school, I had a bunch of
vocabulary homework. And one night, I was
studying with my dad, and I realized I could
build a program that would do the same thing that my
dad was doing but much faster. I built it, and for the
next test I got 100%. I kept working on it and
eventually released it. ARUN SAIGAL: Quizlet
is a platform for people to study
anything and everything. ANDREW SUTHERLAND:
Whether they’re an eight grader learning “Romeo
and Juliet,” whether they’re in biology class, they
can input the curriculum they want on Quizlet. And we give flash cards,
and different games, and tools that help keep
track of what you know and don’t know. From the first month,
we had about 500 users, and now we have 22
million uniques a month. We’re now reaching about a
quarter of all US high school students every month. ARUN SAIGAL: Low and behold,
Google Play for Education comes about. And now we’re one of the
first apps that teachers go to when they think, I
want to use some study tools in my classroom. ANDREW SUTHERLAND: Our business
has been enabled by this base layer that Google has set up,
and that’s really exciting. SOPHIA BENDER-KONING:
The Google Play Store lets you iterate really quickly
with getting updates out to users. There’s a beta program so we
can get feedback, find crashes, and iterate on our product
before launching it to everyone. ANDREW SUTHERLAND:
Google Play for Education is really exciting
to us, because it’s a core distribution platform
that students, and especially teachers, can easily get Quizlet
onto lots of kids’ devices at the same time. ARUN SAIGAL: It”ll be so cool
to see how Quizlet improves and especially how Quizlet’s
going to improve on Android devices. SOPHIA BENDER-KONING:
Lots of teenagers say that before
they used Quizlet, they just couldn’t
figure out how to study. And this was the
thing that tipped them into being able to get a
really great education. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Why does Quizlet need these permissions: Identity – find accounts on the device
    add or remove accounts and view Wi-Fi connections

  2. Cab you make an update like you don't have service but you have house WiFi and connect your android to the WiFi and then connect it the Xbox to play online

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