Android Developer Story: Playdemic drives user engagement and revenue with live ops on Google Play

PAUL GOUGE: Playdemic
is a mobile game developer and publisher. We are based in
Wilmslow, Manchester and we make free-to-play
mobile games. Our hit product is a game called
Golf Clash, one of the top 30 grossing mobile
games on Google Play and the number two sports
game on Google Play. Playdemic was founded by
myself and Alex Rigby. Alex is a longstanding
friend of mine, and he and I really
grew up together. Gaming was always something
that we loved to do. In fact, we actually wrote
a fanzine about video games at one point, which really shows
the depths of our geekiness. Our vision for Golf Clash was
to create something that really was less about golf and
more about a competitive, fun-to-play game you could
simply play in three or four minutes standing in the queue
or the bus stop or at home. After testing many
ideas, we found that golf in its purest
sense– simply getting a ball into a hole– was
something that really appealed. We wanted the player to be
able to pick up that game and play it with one thumb. One thumb gaming is something
that’s very important to us. That simple easy to access
mechanic that we believe Golf Clash really expresses. Golf Clash has done
incredibly well since launch. We’ve had many
millions of installs, and we’re now played
by a million players every single day, which makes
us very happy as developers. We’ve been amazed
by the engagement. On Google Play, we see an
average of 44 minutes a day committed by our players to
the game over three sessions. We’ve also seen
great monetization. The average revenue
per user on Google Play is the same as on
the other platforms. Half of our business is now
generated by Google Play. GARETH JONES: Over
the years we’ve been making free to
play games, we’ve learned live apps are vital
to really entertaining engaging players to play the
game over long periods of time. As developers, we
need to come up with ways of
surprising our players, giving them fun content
that engages them, and as a result of that, they
may go on to spend more money. The tournaments were
our first version of a live app in the game. We knew that the users
wanted tournaments from the feedback
they were giving us through the ratings
and the review. So we developed a system
that ran for a week. We cosigned it to run
alongside a real world golf event for the players that
really do follow golf. And it proved a huge success. PAUL GOUGE: In fact,
we saw our revenue double during that
week, which really showed how much the players
enjoyed that experience. GARETH JONES: That will
now become a stable part of our live app strategy. We’ll have a regular
cadence of tournaments we can drive live data so we
don’t need to do a new release. And we’ll up with a
cadence of tournaments that keep the players on their
toes so they don’t know when to come back for a tournament. We’ll do a lot of social
media around those events but just keep refreshing
the content in the game and make it surprising
and fun for the players. PAUL GOUGE: I’m really lucky to
make video games for a living. And there are very few
people in the world that can say that they get
up in the morning and go do something they
love every day. I feel very fortunate to be
able to say that I do that. We were on a mission to be
one of the biggest mobile game publishers in the world. And that remains our
focus and our passion.

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