Android Developer Story: Papumba grows revenue by localising its family titles on Google Play

[Music] since I was a child I always wanted to create something that creates an impact on millions of people and with the use of technology we see that possible we can create great games that reach and help kids be smarter and grow stronger every day we are a small team that have been working in the gaming industry for just 10 years our vision was to be a global company since we studied the idea of the first half came about when my niece asked me for animal Sansa and everything out there in the market was full of ads share with Athena let’s try to build our own animal Songza one with no advertising and when we launched it we started to have thousands of downloads every day the first half we launched it was only three languages by the end we saw in Google Analytics that people from all over the world was using the app we said okay let’s do it in as many languages as we can we are teaming for here in Argentina that is creating the initial part of the project but we knew from the beginning that we had to build a very big and strong team we started to hire people from all over the world to collaborate with us in voiceover language translators and leaders and in about two months we released the app in 15 languages and we increased our downloads by 300% in only 12 months in order to go global you have to figure out all the cultural aspects in our product call animal sounds we have our Pig and in some specific countries our users were requesting us to remove the animal from the game after removing the animal for those specific countries our average rating change from three point nine to four point two stars and the result for us was just amazing rankings our review section it’s a powerful tool in order to learn from your community of users we are answering to them in the user native language with the help of google translator as a result we have seen a great improvement in terms of user ratings in fact all of them are four point four stars or even higher in average having our apps in the Google Play Store is great for us we can reach millions of people for every month in different countries and in different languages recently we have been working in localizing also the pricing is super important since we did it we saw a 20% increase in our revenue we understand that up Moomba is like a bridge can connect kids parents and teachers all of our products are conceived with the idea of empowering our little users and it is so exciting to create an oil product that you know will have an impact in so many families and houses from all over the world in order to prepare future adults in the best way possible Oh

17 thoughts on “Android Developer Story: Papumba grows revenue by localising its family titles on Google Play

  1. Can someone explain me why they were asked to remove some animals in some countries?
    I know that some animals are "special" in some countries but they should not be removed… If anything they should get more "visible" in those countries.

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