Android Developer Story: Buffstudio — Reaching global users with Google Play (Korean)

Hello, I’m Kim Do-hyeong from BUFF STUDIO. I am the CEO and planning director of our
company. Last year, I founded BUFF STUDIO by myself. I dreamed of becoming a game developer since
I was a fourth grader in elementary school. I enjoy my life as a game developer, and want
to remain a game developer as I grow older. As a fledgling startup, we still have many
problems, especially finance, manpower and time. We launched a game with the title “BUFF KNIGHT,”
and received good responses from our users. Now we are a team of four, and are currently
engaged in developing the game’s sequel, “BUFF KNIGHT II”. “BUFF KNIGHT” is a package-type game with
metro-style graphics and endings. In this game, you collect hidden artifacts
and rescue a princess from a dragon. It was selected as Google Play’s “Game of
the Week” and included in their “30 Best Games of 2014″list because this game has attracted many users,
especially abroad. The number of downloads jumped about ten-fold
after it was selected. This encouraged us to undertake the development
of its sequel. Our ability to respond rapidly is one of our
strengths. For example, when users post reviews, we reply to their comments, and this instant
interaction makes us more competitive. Another strength is that we can respond to
such feedback promptly by modifying and updating the game. Our cumulative sales revenue at the moment
is about 150 million won. We are currently developing mobile games,
but we are also interested in developing PC or console games. Ultimately, our goal is to become a global
player in the industry.

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