An overview of the Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer Nanodegree program

SEBASTIAN: I am firmly convinced that in the future the majority of urban transportation will take place in the air. NICHOLAS: It’s something that we as society have
wanted for over a hundred years. Little kids grow up drawing pictures of
flying cars, building them out of Lego, and dream of having their own one day SEBASTIAN: We called it flying cars because it’s
our aspiration; we really want to change the world with flight. It might start with
your Amazon and Google package delivery but it’s going to go to people. NICHOLAS: We’re already seeing it happen with
self-driving cars. We’re already seeing it happen with little drones.
These different kinds of technology are enabling new kinds of transportation. We are going to cover drone technology at a variety levels we’re going to spend some time
talking, obviously, about the higher level autonomy and the mission planning. Really
what this course is about is giving students the chance to implement algorithms and ideas
and technical concepts on aircraft. What we want to do is we’re gonna try and make that future happen sooner by training future engineers in the technologies needed to
make that vision happen. Udacity is a great starting point for anybody who
wants to learn more about these technologies more about this application
domain and more about flying vehicles. SEBASTIAN: This is something that no one talks
about, but I promise, in a few years time, this’ll be one of the hottest topics on the planet.
So come to the skies with us by applying to the world’s first flying car
Nanodegree program. you

20 thoughts on “An overview of the Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer Nanodegree program

  1. I sincerely hope it's never going to happen. Let's keep the sky free and safe. The lower sky is the last free and uncluttered space left. Who wants to look up and see the sky clouded with traffic? Who wants a vehicle crash into their apartment?

  2. Oh yes, flying cars will exist in the future. They'll be like drones, but bigger.

    Except we already have those. They're called helicopters. And we don't use them commercially 'cause they're noisy as shit, just like drones.

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