26 thoughts on “American Polyglot Practicing 20 Languages

  1. Very good. I'm wondering however if you are actually able to be comfortable in one of these languages. It's one thing to speak in simple sentences but can you converse about more complex subjects?

  2. That was amazing, although I was almost a little disappointed not to hear spanish and japanese. Sehr gutes Deutsch btw. Die ch's sind vielleicht nicht 100% da, wo sie sein sollten, aber das ist Meckern auf hohem Niveau. Kaj se vi havas tempon, provu lerni Esperanton. Estas tre bela lingvo kun tre interesa strukturo. I could talk about languages all day…

  3. I just got my faith in youth reassured….Go on bright young man, nice to see new blood applying themselves and not just hanging out, doing nothing. You have a bright future!

  4. somebody else notice how the tone of his voice changes with every language ?? i find that sooo interesting, russian was really deep for example and farsi on the other hand sounded nasal .. crazy but so cool

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