All of the coding done to my BMW

what is going on guys it's Swift if you guys are wondering what I'm doing in my room and why I'm filming here it's because it's way too cold outside and I'd rather just be inside and I decided to tell you guys basically if you can tell by the title everything that I have done in terms of coating to my car oh my no there's been like a bunch of videos here and they're throwing around both the coating that's been done but I really don't have a video talking about every single little thing that mike has coated to my car so I figured why not tell you guys um basically everything that I have done coded to my car entirely from the very beginning to the end so all the coding that I told you guys about in the BMW f30 coding possibilities video I'm gonna talk about all that and I'm gonna talk about everything I've coded since after that because there's been a lot of times where I've just stopped by mic shop we got bored we coded it's something I didn't even think a video about it so I'm just gonna tell you guys all the coding and I'm gonna show you guys how it looks too with a little bit of a bunch of shots in the middle so you don't just as a city or and stare at my face the whole time and you can watch the features that the difference between the coding and whatnot on there's a lot of other things that I could have gotten done that I decided to not do so don't think that this is all that you can do for the f30 chassis but uh you guys are wondering if you're a new viewer it's a 2013 BMW 328i xDrive um it has about 80,000 miles on it at this point and yeah so let's get right into it so one of the first things that Mike had got encoded for my car was being able to close the windows with the key fob so not only are you able to unlock the car from the factory with the key fob long so you're gonna lock the car but not only are you able to put the windows down you're now able to close them why doesn't it come like this from the factory you asked because in Europe it is allowed in the United States there are regulations against it so the people who assemble the car and go to the computer turn that option off because US regulations I'm surprising to make a shower with helmets on to be honest because I want to see that as the dumbest thing I've ever heard not only does it close the mirrors I mean the windows it also closes the mirrors and it unfolds them all so when you press on lock and another thing that we really I'm so happy that he coded was the end performance little sort of thing that I mentioned in a couple videos back oh that was really cool made a huge difference with my steering wheel and other thing we coded was getting the amber lights to turn off on my Depot headlights and made them look 1000 times better without that nasty ugly orange peachy yellowish turn signal light that's on all the time we disabled it so now what it does is it turns on only when I use my turn signals and that is it when I'm not using my turn signals they are off another thing that my coded was daytime running lights in the rear taillights so basically those nice LED strands and the tail lights stay on 24/7 they're never off I really like that because now I don't always have to turn on my headlights like they're always on because those you can actually see during the day pretty well and they make the car look really nice from the back so I decided to tell Mike to code that on 24/7 which is really cool um that's definitely something that you could look into that shouldn't be too hard to code even on Carly he also changed my turn signal stalk to instead of turning and lane change mode when you click it down once instead of been doing it three times it does it it blinks five times which is sweet another thing that he coded he made it so the fog lights stay on when I pull the hi bean stalk or when I put the high beams on for a long period of time so like when you push the stalk forward and the high beams stay on so you don't have to keep holding it normally your fog lights would turn off but now mine stay on one of the biggest things that I really requested for that I actually didn't even I totally forgot to tell them to do was turn auto start/stop off not permanently but to have it memorized or remember what setting you have it on even after you turn the car off so before it comes from the factory as you turn on the car you drive around it turns off you realize oh I forgot to turn off auto start on/off once you turn it off you drive around the city or whatever you're driving you get home you turn it off the car was turned off with the feature turned off you turn the car back on the next morning and it is turned back on which is annoying because a lot of us don't like the feature at all so it's cool to have it remember what you had it as your last setting when you turn the car off so that's definitely something you guys should look into another thing he coded which a lot of you probably would not advise or be mad at me for doing but DVD in motion which I rarely use I never use it but it's just something I have in because I do a lot of long drives so it's cool to have there in case you know I just want to watch a movie while you eat even and you just want to kill time if you're waiting for somebody and they're taking forever mom if you're watching this I'm talking about you another thing that might Kota that I also rarely use is digital speedometer so basically the speedo is shown in the just like little box under the gauges where your time and Celsius or Fahrenheit the outside ambient temperature wouldn't be written you can switch it over instead of showing like the date or something or the mileage or that mpg you're doing you could also show it to show digital speedometer I don't know why it didn't come from the factory like that another thing that he coded was live tire pressure monitor sensor reading so the PSI reading of your tires is alive and pretty accurate I'm not gonna lie um it's really cool feature basically you can just go into your I drive settings and then you can see like your tires like you always used to but now you can see a live psi of each tire and it's pretty accurate and basically you're able to tell if one tire has a little bit less air than the other you can just go and fill it up which is really cool to know and really sweet to have as a feature another feature is turning on the fog lights alongside the welcome lights so in the settings if you don't know what welcome lights are basically it's when your lights turn on when you press unlock which is cool but before we coated it it would only turn on you know the daytime running lights and that would probably be it maybe even the terms to the amber lights and the tail lights and the license plate lights but now along with all of that my coded it to turn on the fog lights which is pretty cool especially since I have yellow fog lights so it's not just like the factory fog lights I like seeing my yellow fog lights when I'm unlocking the car so that's a pretty cool feature one of my favorites he coated that everybody absolutely has to get you guys gotta remember my cars and m know my car was and is a base model so it didn't come with any of the stuff so your car probably didn't come with this stuff so don't comment oh my car Rudy has this because a lot of cars come with this stuff and a lot of cars don't so one thing that he coded was sports automatic transmission a way to tell that you have it is if you throw the gear shifter into D s basically des means that you just have the regular sport mode if you have the sports on a medic automatic if you have the sports automatic transmission it means that when you put the stock into des it actually says s1 and then it'll show your gear shifts and then obviously if you change it up or down it'll go to M 1 M 2 M 3 basically what this does is it basically codes the transmission equipped a lot faster and just gears are changed and shifted differently I'm not too sure about what it else that changes but one thing I will tell you it does make a huge difference in gear changes and when you have an exhaust or one floor delete or resonator delete like I do you do hear a difference in gear keys because a lot faster in down shifting gets a lot more fun so definitely recommend to get that coated he also coded Sport Plus which basically is the same as sport mode but traction control is off and then he also coded launch control which basically if you don't know what it is you hold the brake down all the way which wasn't working at first and the reason why wasn't working at first was because I wasn't holding the brake down all the way to the floor if you hold the brake down all the way to the floor you have to be in Sport Plus mode with the gear shifter Andy's not in manual mode so basically you pull it over to DES and don't change the gears yourself hold the brake down all the way then press the gas all the way till the clip past the clicking point and then it'll show launch control active it'll rev up to 3k you let pull the brake and then brace yourself because it is actually pretty sick especially if you have X Drive another thing that he coded was sport mode configuration now I know that sounds like what what are you saying basically you can make it so when you're in sport mode you can configure it though though you can configure it though you can feign'd your gears let me stop you could configure it so that when you change like into sport mode you can keep the steering wheel stiff and keep the car like revs like the way it pulls slower or you can make it so you can basically make it so you have sport mode with lighter steering which I don't know why you would do that but you can configure it to do so which is pretty cool another thing that it coded that you guys probably wouldn't do unless you get the M Sport steering wheel he coded the paddle shifters to were candy coated my car to go from using a dual stage airbag to a single stage airbag which was definitely needed for my airbag to work another thing that he coated which I totally like didn't need to do but I had to do because I got my M Sport front bumper was code the headlight washers off um I actually probably would have done that with my old bumper because the headlight washers are honestly annoying and they really just don't do what they're meant to do and they just make your hood all wet and leave water spots so yeah code that stuff off oh I think that's pretty much everything I had one more thing to say and then that's really it if I forgot anything Mike comment if you can remember anything but I think this is it I'm not sure if he meant to code this into my car it's really weird thing and I didn't like it at first basically when the car is on and you lock it when you come from the factory when the car comes from the factory you just lock in you shut the door in the car is on you step out it doesn't do anything it just locks but now when I walk it it honks twice and when I first started I was like oh what is that it makes it doesn't make you feel like a BMW it's really too ugly honks like it's you know like when a honk is put like press very quick it sounds really weird doesn't sound like how it should that's basically how it is but this shit actually saved me once basically what had happened was I didn't realize that my car was off which I have no idea how with that ticking sound that comes from these at 30 s from these n 20s and then 26 s I didn't realize it was off this was obviously before I got my exhaust my muffler delete and stuff but I guess I didn't realize it was off and I think I was like going through something I think I was doing something or something was happening and I didn't realize it was off I thought I was under the assumption of the car was off and I locked it and I turned around and started like walking the other way and then it honk twice I was like oh shit the car is on it's actually a really neat feature considering this keyless generation that we're in not a huge fan of it I do like it as a convenient thing but it also has its ups and downs so that's a pretty cool thing to have if you want that coded be sure to do that as well the moral of the story is the moral of this video is that there's so much you can do to your cars to BMWs specifically encoding lies I know it's very overlooked you didn't know it's not but it also is because the thing about is that you can change so much about your car you can customize it to exactly how you want you can make it so even even though I didn't do this you can make it so if somebody sitting in the passenger seat and they didn't put their seat belt on you can make it so it doesn't go the Gong doesn't chime when you do passenger doesn't have a seat belt on or you can even do it when you don't receive it on I don't know God knows why you would ever want to do that but yeah you can make it so it can do so many other little things and it's really cool because it basically personalizes your car for you and it does make a huge difference and it isn't that expensive and you can do it yourself with ícaro iCarly that's my favorite show iCarly you can do it yourself with Carly yeah like not something that's very difficult to do and it's not expensive and things that are very cost effective and make a huge difference those are like the mods that I love because how awesome is that you don't have to spend as much and you can feel a huge difference and it's really fun to see the differences in your car I find it fun like to see it once time he was cooking three times when you do the turn signal and now it does it five times it's really cool to me I really find it cool especially because I was majoring in computer software engineering in school so I think it's really awesome a huge shout out to Mike thank you so much bro for doing all this coding that you have done in this past year to my car I love you very much um if you guys are looking to do coding you live in the tri-state area hit up Mike here's his Instagram right down below BSA underscore coding DMM he will give you a fair price and you'll basically do whatever you want to on the list he gives you like a nice list and everything um if you guys have any questions please feel free to ask it'll definitely get back to you if I don't don't get upset something goes wrong with this social media stuff and once you pass like a certain amount of followers or subscribers I don't know why but it stops notifying you actually does make sense because like for those people that are like in the 500 thousand range I guess like they get DM like crazy but I still like you know talking to you guys sometimes I enjoy talking to you guys more than I have enjoyed talking to like my real-life friends so it's kind of weird but anyway guys thank you so much for watching this video take care peace out

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  1. Hi dear,
    I need to code my BMW 520d 2014, because when I clock my car my side mirrors doesn't close automatically and i can open the car boot with my key but i can't close it with the key, some who i never hear any alarm song on my car for 3 years . Anyway I am from Europe England UK
    What should i do?
    Please E-mail me on [email protected]

  2. I think the sport package has the s1 when you shift the knob left because mine has that and I haven’t coded it. I coded a lot of things with Bimmercode and the Bluetooth adapter

  3. Ist die beste App zum Codieren, Fehler auslesen usw.:

    Carly Gutscheincode : P5EZWQ

    beim Kauf 5€ Rabatt auf jede Adapter-Bestellung 😀👍

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  5. That's a pretty cool video man. I just had my car coded. Looks like the coding options are very similar here in the UK too.

  6. Wondering if there is coding to keep your dashboard lighting ON during daytime driving with the light switch on automatic. I have a 2013 528i xDrive, & it's frequently hard to see the gauges clearly in daytime since I usually am wearing sunglasses. So far my only solution is to switch the lights to parking lights, or fog lights which is annoying. Any help would be appreciated…thx!

  7. Am I the only one who wants to skip a video as soon as I find out the creator has an automatic…? So many BMW people do so much cool stuff to their cars but to me it all gets negated when you're doing it to an automatic. Like do BMW people really think paddle shifters are cool?

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  9. You repeat over and over and over and over again in the beginning. Wording it differently doesn't change what you said the first time.

  10. If your car is a base, don't put a m performance logo on your start up screen you impostor. If you want an m performance start up screen, buy an m performance car. That's dumb. That's like me getting in my dodge Durango and saying "Oh there is an srt Durango, so I want an srt start up screen for my infotainment system." Wouldn't you think that would look idiotic. Yeah it would

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    I recently purchased a 2013 320d M sport sedan. I was hoping you’d be able to help me. When I turn of the ignition the radio stays on. It doesn’t go off until I lock my car. Can you help?

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