22 thoughts on “Aipoly Vision App

  1. Nessun aggiornamento dalla data di uscita , riconoscimento bassa non si è saputo più niente sembrava qualcosa di fantastico ma d rimasta un app quasi abbandonata.

  2. This is awesome app. Its very helpful to build people as well as other people also.This is very good and very helpful to other and it is very unique. I like this. Kindly please share some hit that how you can develop this app and how many technology you used. Is it possible to do in android also? If you do some help about this then it is very appreciate. I know that not possible to share you important thing about your app but please if possible then share it. Thanks.

  3. Amazing effort! This product is so good already, and I'm sure there are many more features and improvements coming along. Imagine the impact it creates for the visually impaired. Hats off!

  4. is it able to download with Android?
    can you send the playstore link of this app?
    I couldn't find it at play store!!!

  5. what is the likely release timeframe for the android version? I am really looking forward to using this

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