AEI Summer Honors Program

Tom: AEI’s Summer Honors Program was a great
opportunity and chance to sort of bust down preconceived notions and really, critically
think about why we believe what we do. Sidarth: For those who may not have had as much
exposure to opposing views, the AEI Summer Honors Program has been an immense benefit. Tom: Students from all over the country
come together to study with AEI scholars. And you discuss everything, from economic
opportunity, to foreign policy, all with people who are as interested in these ideas as you
are. And you come away having explored real policy
questions with the people who have real impact on them. Sidarth: The difference between college and
being at AEI is that nothing is taken for granted. Emerson: There’s no sense that arguments are something to be won, rather than something to be learned from. Ashkan: You’re able to hear from both sides
of the aisle: center left, center right. In general the dynamic is such that, you know,
yes we may not agree on all political topics, but I respect where you’re coming from. Elizabeth: The great thing is that the conversations
haven’t ended when we leave AEI and when we have the opportunity to explore DC together,
the conversations have continued. Tom: Even now, you know, a couple of months
later, I’m still in contact with these people and we’ve continued that sort of curious discovery
that was started here at AEI, where we have a conversation and push each other to think
critically about the beliefs that we hold. Bryn: The program allowed for so much growth
in such a short period of time and so much development as both a student and also just
a member of society, and I think that there’s probably no other program offered to our age
group that really allows for that opportunity.

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