Advice to Students – Intro to Java Programming

Some advice that I have for people who are learning how to code for the first time is to not get frustrated or discouraged, especially, if you feel like people are ahead of you or have been coating for so long and your just starting out and there’s no way you can catch up. For me, when I first started coding, it was fall quarter freshman year of college and there have been people who’ve been coding since they were six years old or, you know, in a variety of other classes in their high schools. And I’d never coded before and felt pretty insecure about my, my coding ability. I never had that, that confidence that I could, you know, hack something out really quickly. But I stuck with it, and I think that’s what made the difference. I was loving everything that I was learning. I was motivated to go do extra credit or, you know, work on assignments that weren’t necessarily due for a certain class I was in. And suddenly, two, three classes in, I felt like I was caught up. I felt like I could find my niche within computer science, where I could be the best. I could be the one who was teaching other people how to do things. And from there, it’s been an amazing transformation, in terms of how confident I in my coding ability.

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