ADVANCE | Software Assurance

Stay up to date and don’t miss a new development. Introducing the ADVANCE Software Assurance, the cost-effective way of getting regular upgrades full of powerful new features. What makes ADVANCE so special? Intuitive workflow oriented user interface leads you in four simple steps from preparing and performing the measurement to reviewing, evaluating, and exporting the results. User-defined templates and automation programs make your measurements reproducible and faster. Background recording provides you the option to analyze images even after the measurement is complete. Clear comparison of raw data and calculated results allow you to analyze different measurements in one workspace. The most advanced algorithms for image evaluation give you super precise measurement results. Touchscreen support with an alternative user interface make your on-sight mobile analysis comfortable and flexible. User rights management which help you achieve the ideal balance between transparency and data security. There are many more features and new powerful ones are being added regularly. Benefit from the Software Assurance model. Compared to an instant purchase, with Software Assurance you pay only one third of the full price as a rate once a year. In addition, you will receive regular upgrades over the entire term which is not included in an instant purchase. Start now with ADVANCE Software Assurance. The simple and cost-effective way of staying up to date.

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