Adult Store Employees Reveal Store Secrets

– Everybody has sex. – Not me. (laughing) (upbeat instrumental music) – When you come to a sex shop– – Don’t deep-throat a dildo. – Spank each other. – Not around us ’cause we
didn’t give you consent and we don’t wanna see it. – People should act like
an adult in an adult store. – Save the shenanigans for your home. – We love you, we love the
fact that you wanna buy all this stuff and that
you’re so excited to try it, but try it at home. – What about that guy
who used his wife’s card to buy his girlfriend something? – My favorite story so far is a person who came in and purchased lube, which I was so excited for because it’s one of those things
that people gloss over. However, he also asked to use the bathroom and knocked on the door and heard noises that I was not prepared to hear. It’s just really awkward after that, so just don’t masturbate
in public bathrooms please. – We’ll miss you. – People used to go to the
bathroom and then we would be missing, you know,
displays of butt plugs. Like hiding toys in their
bodies and then leaving and walking out of the store. Like, A+ for effort, I guess, but a F- on the fact
that it’s a display toy. I don’t wanna shame anybody but everybody in New York touches our toys. You’re gonna want a clean one
before you do that anyway, and lubricant, I’m sure
they didn’t do it with lube. – Everybody is different,
everybody’s body’s different, so it’s good to go to stores
because you can get educated, you can see and feel things. It’s different from looking online because it could look like it’s this small and then in person it’s, like, so big. – Pro tip, testing the
vibrators on your nose will be similar to the
nerve sensitivity of, like, your other bits. – Don’t feel ashamed. Nobody’s gonna judge
you and even if there’s customers in there, they’re in there too so they’re not gonna judge you because they’re in there too. Just feel, like, calm and at ease. Like, we’re here for you,
what do you wanna buy? – Folks come in and try
to purchase services other than the education of sex toys. Do not ask if we have the
toys, if we use the toys. It’d be kind of silly if
we worked in a sex shop and didn’t have any toys
for many, many reasons. You know, we all gotta benefit somehow. – You know, ask questions respectfully. Don’t ask me what my favorite thing is because I guarantee you we’re
not on the same wavelength. – We may know that you are
looking for a butt plug, but I don’t know your last
name so let’s keep it there. – We’re here to sell you things, help us out help you
find out what you want because we just met you. (upbeat instrumental music)

100 thoughts on “Adult Store Employees Reveal Store Secrets

  1. Me:Hi.. Im looking for a woody replica
    Sextoy staff: shows dildo*
    Me:Dials mom* I think I'm in the wrong shop
    Mom: Toyforass? I said toys r us!!

  2. when me and my boyfriend went to a different sex shop in my city my boyfriend had to go pee bc he drank lots of water at my house before we left and he ask to use the bathroom bc he has to pee and the lady said “we don’t have bathrooms bc of reasons” and now i know why. it really didn’t cross our minds at that time.

  3. This reminded me of the time I walked into Spencer’s because my friend wanted to look at something so I was on my phone…worst mistake of my life…as I continued looking at my phone I backed up to lean on the shelf and felt something touch my butt and when I looked it was a dildo that someone stuck on the metal portion of the shelf….I never felt so violated by a non-living object in my life

  4. Who the hell needs to be told not to snog, and deep throat merchandise? I remember one funny thing; I was once told that working in an adult store would be a good idea cause I’m asexual. Wtf

  5. It's quite silly that they feel uncomfortable when people ask what their favourite toys are. When I go to a restaurant sometimes I ask what's your favourite dish. Or in a retail store what's your favourite … You understand?

  6. I actually don’t mind if someone asks what’s my favorite toy or if I’ve used a certain toy before or not. It depends, obviously, I feel it out, but most of the time I let them know and tell them my experience with it (not in vulgar detail, as vaguely as possible) and still remind them that it’s my preference and what works for me may not work for them

  7. I used to be so embarrassed about walking in but people work there for a reason and people are in there for a reason, these people are so supportive and sweet and accepting as they should be

  8. Not really understanding why it’s inappropriate to ask what their toy preference is … if we are inquiring about a toy that they enjoy, why would it be an issue to discuss that? Not asking you to demonstrate it just wanna know what you like about it lol Picking out a toy can be daunting sometimes especially in the bigger shops so if we can’t turn to an employee for recommendations then why the hell are you even there? Haha
    Edit: I understand that they are moreso referring to creepy guys asking just to be creepy, but that wasn’t clarified and they just broadly stated not to ask so, shame on them.

  9. Js but y'all are pretty uptight for adult store workers..
    All the workers I've met will gladly tell you which ones are their faves and which ones they have 🤷🏼‍♀️ it's never been weird cause that's their profession.. that's just Australia though guess you guys may be a little more reserved 😂

  10. I've worked in a sex/adult store and honestly I've had no problem telling customers what I recommend, but also giving them a variety of options. Also if a customer wanted to use his girlfriend's card for another person we wouldn't do it. #1) we have to check name and ID on a card compared to a license. #2) it goes against most of the employees personal values.

    Also, this is exactly why our bathroom isn't open to the public and we only allow one person at a time into the fitting rooms

  11. I'm actually glad that the employees say that, because I want to go to my local sex shop but I'm to shy to go = ^ =

  12. I don't get why some people feel the need to act immature in these types of stores. It is a professional business, just the same as a beauty shop or electronics store.

  13. I never been to a big boy toy store just order it off of amazon

    So the government knows you bought that

  14. once me and my bf went to a shop and he went to use the bathroom so i asked what types of vibrators they had cause we were interested, and he was new to everything (my bf is really vanilla) the sales guy at the shop thought the vibrator was for my bf LOL and started telling me about the different ones he had used and his experience with it, and honestly i didn't have the heart to tell him that it was actually for me, so my bf came back but we had to go somewhere suddenly and said we would come another day. and to this day the sales guy still thinks its for my bf and not for me, oml

  15. Im curious as to what the dynamics are between the old lady and the younger woman… Like is this a grandmother/granddaughter sex business duo orr?

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