Adding your computer to Devices in ITunes

This is a tutorial on how to manage your devices
(computers, iPads, phones etc.) in Itunes. I have more than 1 computer and I like to
have the music available on those different devices, according to which device I am using.
So what you are going to do is, you are going to go into Manage Devices (to see what is
already there). You’ll see here that I have these 3 devices
here right now. But I do want to add my other computer.
So this is how you do it (I sound like Howie Mandel, lol).
Go into Itunes and click up here on the top left, you will see this little icon here.
You want to go to ITunes Store. This box will pop up, choose Authorize This
Computer. Then this box will pop up; enter your Apple
ID and password. Then Click on Authorize (grayed out because
I have not entered my info). Once you do that, it will Authorize the computer
that you are currently on. So I hope that helps someone.
Have a great day!

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