Abstraction in Java – Introduction to Object Oriented Programming – Java Programming Tutorial

Click the bell icon to get latest videos from Ekeeda Hello friends in last lecture we have seen what is object all about it is having three characteristic we have seen these characteristic also okay so what is object is real-time any real-time entity which is having well-defined structure and well-defined behavior okay it is having attributes and behavior correct so now we will see what is object-oriented programming paradigms which is given okay so any language its if it is supporting four major pillars of object-oriented language then it object-oriented approach then it is known as object-oriented language so the first major pillar of object-oriented approach is abstraction [Music] [Music] abstraction is in this real world whenever I am seeing any object this object is consist of n number of attributes and behavior let’s take an example if I say a person any person this person whenever I’m looking at this particular person at first time I’m thinking about some features some attributes some behavior about that particular object okay for example if I am seeing a particular person this person may be having some name he may he may having some educational qualification it may he may having or he or she may having some height some weight some degree right some what I can say features okay then all it also performs some kind of four behaviors it shows some kind of a behavior behavior like it can move from one place to another it can talk it can read and so on right so all these features that one particular object is showing all this feature does it relevant a different situation let’s take an example what are you doing with my situation what is mean what do you mean by an moment now I’m considering this particular person okay this person into two different situations okay now let’s take an example this person is in right now is in college okay this person if I want this person to be admitted into the College what are the things out of all those legalistic attributes and behavior we require at that moment for example for taking admission into the college first of all I need the person’s name I need person’s percentage okay then I may need or what I can say it’s marks on different subject or percentage again do it recur do that person’s physical features or height or a weight require over there no it’s not so that is known as our situation and in that situation there are only few features or behavior relevant at that point okay so that is nothing but an abstraction abstraction talks about only concentrate on the relevant thing and rest of the things should be ignored okay so abstraction is nothing but emphasizing on relevant details and ignore the rest and abstraction it it is possible in terms of attributes as well as in terms of behavior what I mean at at a given environment I am going to emphasize on certain attributes as well as some behavior as well in a college but what are the required behaviors for the person is required first of all it’s reading capability right or learning capability is more important all other all abilities that particular person is having are irrelevant at that particular situation okay so that is nothing but an abstraction let’s see example of abstraction so here I am having a person this person is having certain attributes okay so for the attributes like name age height weight degree blood pressure salary etc now I am considering this person intake in admitting into the college and admitting him into the hospital now the info situation what are the relevant things I am Rick I required tho so name yes it should be pit is required for a college age is required height and weight doesn’t matter over their degree yes it is required what blood pressure or blood group it have it doesn’t require over there so as the salary now we will consider this power into admitting into the hospital so in that case definitely I will be requiring his name his age his height definitely his weight degree don’t require blood pressure or blood group yes it is required or salary may not be required okay so this is nothing but our in a different situation what are the relevant things are there and we are emphasizing on those relevant things okay that is nothing but an abstraction thank you you

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