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  1. Thanks for watching! So you know how I say in the video that it's an indirect to Dan about how he should use a personal calendar and that will help our relationship? Well he was watching over my shoulder when I was checking the edit and he just laughed… still working on it! What are you favourite apps you use in relationships?

  2. Monzo does joint accounts as well, you still keep your own but you get an additional card for the shared account, it's really good 😊

  3. I always use Splitwise with my boyfriend to keep track of who owes what. There's no actual money involved, it just works out who owes who what, and then if the amount one of us owes gets too high we'll just transfer the money normally

  4. I'm moving in with my boyfriend in July so definitely using some of these! We're on a uni budget in a student flat so budgeting apps will be so helpful!

  5. You have sparked my interest 😏, i think my wife would be more interested in the shared calendar more than any of the others 😂

  6. I love splitwise. We have separate funds and I hated transferring money all the time. This way you just track who owes the other and at the end of the month you can balance it out.

  7. I love Todoist!

    I also agree with "don't rely on your brain to remember stuff". The human brain is shit at remembering things (spoiler: that was kinda the point of Season 1 of the Serial podcast). There's a reason why eyewitness testimony in a trial is unreliable…because humans are shit at remembering (also, if you're on a jury. Please ignore the eyewitness testimony and focus on the actual evidence. K Thx!)

  8. I enjoyed the video, but as an aside, I would have preferred it if you had front loaded the gifted content! It's also not quite clear if you were paid to talk about it or if you've just happened to enjoy a product that you were coincidentally gifted.

  9. In the US Venmo is the BEST! It's super simple and has saved my relationships with my friends on our spring break 🙂

  10. I'm so old school, all I can think is "why not just have a physical calendar and write physical notes" 📝📝 Loving the fun apps though, and I love your necklace!

  11. The moment you intended to search for a specific video and ends at a video of hannah in your timeline. 😂 btw the ladys of TFD you referred to are great indeed. This was quite an amusing and interesting video.

  12. I feeeel you on the 'having a boyfriend with no personal calendar' problem!!! I even bought him a physical wall calendar but no luck with getting him to use it 😂(As I'm into astrology, I blame his Gemini Rising placement! 😁) Also: great idea for a video Hannah! I feel like your recent content is so creative and inspiring, not to mention well-edited (but we can thank Ariel for that of course! ^^)

  13. This is such a good video, useful! I constantly have to remind my other half what we are doing this weekend otherwise he double books 😂

  14. Better than splitting the bill – use the Wiebetaaltwaat app! It keeps tabs on what you owe each other and you can settle it whenever you like, and it'll say what you need to transfer to the other person

  15. I use an app for daily, and weekly todo things. But any other to do list things get written on a piece of paper and my calendar is a physical calendar on my wall. I find most of the productivity based apps I’ve tried just too complicated.

  16. That last one for a long distance relationship would be 👌🏻👌🏻 wish I had the money for when we go to uni in sep 😉

  17. You’re not a millennium hahah, you’re a 90s kid why would you wanna associate yourself with today’s kids 🤮

  18. FamCal is great for adding multiple calendars to – you can have things like iCal feed in, and even add "dependent" calendars for e.g. kids without smartphones. You can have multiple calendars feed in (e.g. both work and home) and also add shared events really easily

  19. Hey Hannah, my gf and I will have been together for 10 years this coming 18 April. We have shared our finances for the past eight years, just pooling 80% or our paycheques in a joint account, with the remaining 20% as "personal spending/ surprise gifts" funds. We use shared calendars for everything and we tried list sharing apps for tasks but we realised they were not needed. We use a simple note-taking app. for the groceries and we also call each other at least once per day (even after nine + years), which is a perfect time to remind the other to pick up a missing supper item.

  20. timetree is the best shared calender app ive ever used- you can have as many as you want and it sync with your phone cal so i have one with my partner and one with my family! you can choose who is involved with each activity and colour code it and honestly it has changed my relationships with my parents and fiance

  21. I can recommend the app "spicer". The original idea for the app came from Erika Lust, who you probably know. It's an app for couples where both partners like or dismiss sex practices and other kinky activities. If you have a match or a maybe you both can see it. I think it's a good way to start a conversation about things that one or both might be a little insecure about.

  22. I hope your next video will be dating app recommendations or maybe just event in london where you can mingle with other people

  23. I don't have a smart phone so i don't use apps.
    I did install an emulator on my PC, but i have yet to find anything interesting to use it with.
    I tried Best Fiend and the push for money was much too annoying.

  24. As a special present, I bought my partner and I some long distance toys. They're called Nora (typically female toy) and Max (fleshlight-ish), bought as two separate toys in a set, 1 for each partner. You can control each other's toys (don't have to do it simultaneously) and they can be bought via lovense.com and I honestly recommend them so, so much! You can control each other's toys by downloading a free app after purchasing the toys themselves and engaging from any distance. Can even connect Spotify and have the vibrations follow the music. He lives 5 minutes down the road from me and you by no means have to be in a long distance relationship to use them. We found it very useful as we both still lead very seperate, busy lives and it's made having a seperate way to engage in sex without the need for physical presence really, really healthy for us.


  25. Lasting. It's like a marriage therapist. But you don't have to be married to use it, obviously. It's really good to use if you're in a long term relationship, even if the relationship is good – to maintain it being good.

  26. I genuinely cannot recommend the shared calendar enough! My husband and I used to double book ourselves and I used to field so many "what are we doing this weekend" questions. This is so much easier!

    Second, for all us android users who cannot get the and app, there is a card game called table topics that is sorta similar. It asks questions that are meant to spur conversation and they have different sets but they do have a couples set. My husband and I brought the cards on a road trip and went through them in the car to keep us entertained. It was great! And since we were newly engaged I feel it really helped to further solidify our goals and such for moving toward marriage.

  27. Hannah I think you should dye your hair a vibrant red. Would suit your fiery personality and show off your sultry sexual side. X

  28. Hannah I’m a bit surprised but I haven’t seen you speak out on the white supremacist NZ terrorist attack? Usually you would acknowledge something like that? Please do 💔 xx

  29. disappointed that you didn't talk about the dangers of using sex toys that connect to the internet. just like those security cameras and other internet home devices they can be very easily hacked.

  30. The sexy apps sound really fun. It's quite hard to get my partner interested in sexy time so this might be a new thing to try.
    Totally agree with the benefits of having joint calender….DAN! It's so good for planing and just knowing when the other one has something sceduled. We also have one joint account that we pay money for rent, groceries and some extra for meals into but then have our own accounts and and it just makes things so much easier.
    There is an app from Erika Lust where you have an account with your partner and both answer some questions seperatly about what they would be into trying. And if you matched than you can see that but the other won't know if you are into something but they are not. So a kinky Tinder type of app for couples to spice up the routine. But so far only for Iphone so I havn't tried it yet but sounds fun.

  31. Really want the And but looks like it's unavailable for android but just got Desire! Hope this will be fun!!

  32. 2:15 (How) can you make a task that depends on one or more other tasks in Todoist? I can do that in Taskwarrior.
    10:06 I'm already subscribed to both channels.

  33. As a lover of your videos for years now
    I’m gonna go ahead and predict that Google calendar with the share bit is on this… and now to watch 😂x

  34. My fiancé and I use TimeTree (calendar app) where you both get separate accounts to build a calendar together – you can colour code things and also get notifications when a new event is added

  35. With the calendar thing, that is exactly how me and my partner are. They are a bit better than it seems Dan is but it's taken awhile to get there.
    I put Everything in the google calendar, and my partner rarely looks at it/I also add all of their things to it.
    This started while we were both in university and working and it was often hard to figure out where/when we could see eachother during a busy day cause we were usually on the opposite sides of campus and worked very opposite hours.

  36. a practical app i really recommend is cozi, my family just uses it for our calendar, but there are other features like grocery lists. it’s more directed to families because you can add lots of people but it would be great for a relationship too!

  37. I think you are one of the reasons why my relationship is more fun lately :)) . Our app is called Splitwise, it's an app for splitting expenses, I am so grateful for it.
    We put in there every penny that we spend, and we can see who is paying more one month compared to the other. Otherwise we both would feel we are contributing more than the other, and it creates an ugly tension. We set different groups depending on the type of expense (daily, specific vacation, etc.), cool thing about it is that it has different currencies. We can also set a recurrent expense. It's really user friendly , I recommend it to anyone who is anxious about money :).

  38. ahhh I was going to buy a new sex toy on Monday, but then saw you tweet the screenshot with the Crescendo in your hands – decided to wait for your video and I'm so glad I did! Ordering it now!

  39. For splitting money, my bf and I use Splitwise. Since I discovered it I use it for everything. It's especially useful while travelling!

  40. Hi this Iman from subway I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but I just wanted to say how nervous I was meeting you and you honestly opened my eyes to things I was ignorant about it before. Anyways I’m done with this essay basically professing my love to you 😂. I’m honestly cringing about how acted to you. I just realised I never said your name. OMG 😭😭 sorry.

  41. oh splitwise is great for splitting bills, you also don't have to download an app if you don't want to

  42. Please don't think I'm a creepy old man…just about 49 and I just had to write I've fallen hard for your beautiful face in particular your gorgeous eyes. All my love from a friendly old Kiwi (New Zealander)

  43. ‘Weekly Chefs’ and ‘Grocery’ work really well for us! Both you can share with the other half. Weekly chefs is a meal planner where you can add links to recipes and add photos and stuff (62 weeks going strong – we’re now not sure how we’d do food without it. Grocery is a good shopping list. It learns what you tick off first so that next time you go in the stuff you walk past first will be at the top of the list. You can also assign certain things to certain shops which helps when you get certain things from certain places.

  44. I really love you, I had a liver transplant and I understand what your going through, your gorgeous and I wish I could get to know you better⛹️‍♀️😊😊😊😍😍😊

  45. I’m the oldest sibling in my family, so I’ve never really had the ability to talk to someone about sex and relationship questions I have. I don’t feel comfortable talking to my parents about these things, but since finding your channel around a year ago, it’s like I’ve suddenly got an older sister. You answer so many of my queries without making it embarrassing, and you open my mind to things I wouldn’t have thought about before. So thanks for what you do ☺️

  46. I recommend Trello for the to-do list/note app. My department uses it for work, and I thought it was so great o had my husband work with me to set one up for our home as well.

  47. Dipsea is amazing – basically it's an app that allows you to hear porn rather than see it. It has fully immersive audio bites, it's inclusive of multiple genders and ethnicities (hopefully all abilities too, I haven't done a tonne of research). It has great storylines if that's what you're into, some of it is pretty light while other sound bites are hot and heavy. I'm not here as an advertiser, it's just honestly made me a better person for having the app, hahaha 😛 https://www.dipseastories.com/

  48. Hannah thank you so much for inspiring me with ideas I never knew I needed. My partner works in aviation so I’m hoping I can persuade him to put in his schedule on a joint calendar ❤️ @ Dan use your calendar it will improve your lives together!

  49. "A relationship is like a business"
    Hannah I think you do a lot of great work but things like that just make me want to kill myself. Like if every form of human experience is channeled through the sterilised trough of industrial capitalism what is there to live for oh my god

  50. if i could find a relationship with some 1 like you Hannah I would be a 100% more happier than I am now I think you are brilliant and stunning xxx 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  51. Great recommendations, Hannah. When it comes to the banking apps though, there's stuff out there today that's more targeted toward couples – everything from helping them manage expenses and splitting bills to setting goals together. There's HoneyFi and HoneyDue but my favorite relationship app, hands-down, is AskZeta.com.

  52. Help! I'm pretty sure there was a Hannah video recently(ish) in which she recommended an app for communicating in a long distance relationship? An app where you can leave videos for each other? It wasn't this video, but I'm stumped as to which other video it is. Can anyone else think of either the video or the name of the app? Much obliged! 💙

  53. Desire only offers male and female as your gender. I'd love to try it, but cant get past that bit due to my gender identity and wanting to avoid dysphoria in my sex life.

  54. HMMM. so you Dan and your friends share your dildo app that anyone of you can activate it to what ever you want it ti do to you. So since you can't decide who you love more either Chelsea or Marla and who gets to finger you with a dildo app and in what position. I really don't think Dan would like to be like any part of that.
    This could work work with money but not with sex or love. I sincerely hope I'm totally missing the point here.

  55. This is really useful! Although I'm an Apple and Mac person and my BF is an android person and hates Apple so am not sure how a joint calendar would work, since I use iCal.

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