100 thoughts on “5 Seconds of Summer – Easier (Official Video)

  1. I’ve never been so confused and so turned on at the same time…..

    It’s Calum’s fault..

    It’s always Calum’s fault

  2. Everyone talking about Luke being tied up here, i mean, i'm not complaining but what about Michael wearing a collar?

  3. It been 7 months since this song has been out and now the new song it has gone wild and been played over and over.

  4. It was my favourite band when i was young (2014/2015) and they like stoped but yesterday i heard this song and i was like: wait i remember them.

  5. This songs remains me of my 8th grade trip to Sicily. When we went to mount Edna, they blasted this song on the bus on the way there. It happened on a wendsday. It was excellent up until 8:00 or 10:00pm when I had my heart broken. The aftermath was pretty brutal this song helps me relive that moment or the entire day entirely.

  6. It's it's this easy for love me or go!! I love you so much like I hate you..
    I know cause it's this way to for all your first time..

  7. ive been working at walmart for two months and i kept hearing this song but i couldn’t find it until now. i cannot express how thankful i am that i finally found it!!!!!

  8. What I really need, a list:
    1. Underwater Ashton
    2. Ashton in a cave
    3. Walking down a burning corridor Ashton
    4. Drumming Ashton
    5. Just Ashton.