5 Must Have Mac Apps 2019 Edition

Hey what’s going on everybody Chad Christian coming at you with another exciting video today i wanted to bring you my top five must-have mac apps for early 2017 these are the apps that i’ve been using for a long time and I thought you guys would appreciate so without further ado let’s get into a right now the first one we have up his spectacle and these are not sponsored or paid for by any of these software companies I’ll leave links below for all of them this is a allows you to move and resize your windows with ease so a lot of times you know when you open up your window it’s not fully maximized or it’s all over the screen with this allows you to do with those short command keys is you can resize the window social command right come and left command upper command down you can see there that you can move it in any quadrant of the screen that you want this does also allow you to have multiple windows and snapping capabilities so if you want you can see if i drag it to the left of snaps of the left and if I have another window open or another application if i drag that to the right will also the right now I want to have them one above the other soul in a horizontal fashion i can just click each app and then man arrow upper command arrow down or whatever function is that you want to make it so those are customizable next up we have boom to now this is a system-wide volume booster and it has an equaliser which is really cool so because this 1499 they also have a student and teacher edition for 999 and you can download a free trial if you want so as you can see inside of here on the top I’ve got the boom volume turned all the way on you can adjust your equalizer anyway you want either using the preset settings they have they have about 30 of those or as you can see you can manually adjust the equalizer to match anything that you’re using now one of the cool things as you can see if you want your highs your midterm Lohse and they show the different quadrants where those are set to you can change those as well now you can also see you can change your fidelity sound you know there’s a lot of different cool things you can do you can also drag and drop different file types into the system here and it will edit those files to make them sound better so that’s that’s pretty cool now one of the other nice features on mrs. has a boon remote so in the boom remote at if you’re using it on your phone or another device you can control the volume on your Mac system so let’s say I’m out of the kitchen and i’m using my macbook pro as no stereo system i can control the sounds and change music and everything right from my phone apps that’s so great value i’ve been using boom 24 years and it will drastically increase the volume and how the sound quality of any macbook pro and number three is a nap i like to use called battery health now the cost is free with the donation there’s a 45-45 day trial you can use on it the nice thing with this application as you can see you can see the health condition of your battery so if your battery is deteriorating you will see over time that the you know the current maximum will go down you can see the exact power usage which is really helpful depending on what applications are using one year on batteries so then you know exactly how long it will last this will tell you the exact I’m of you know battery usage left for you can tell the percent there are some tips on there to maximize your battery so one of the things here you can see if i click that drop-down arrow it does release the anchor point so that i can then if i’m running any different applications let’s say my battery and i’m using this for video editing well I want to know how much battery is this using then I can see it over there on the right hand side and if i want i can just click the arrow again and it will automatically reattach itself to the taskbar so just by using the anchors and the arrow buttons it does allow you to do some different things so it’s a great application when everybody first got the max and we were having issues trying to find out you know it’s a real battery life issues something wrong well i was able to tell all of that information just by using this at number 41 password across the 64 99 if you’re like me you have a million different passwords that you have to remember for all the different sites that around here the good thing with this is it’s a one-stop shop so once you get into any browser it can automatically save all that information for you so you never have to rekey in another password again when you open up the website it just says hey go ahead and use this password and done now if you have the new macbook pro with the touch bar there’s also a spot in their you can use the fingerprint sensor and if you touch your finger on the fingerprint sensor it will automatically enter credit card information for different sites that you want so that’s a great addition to having the touch bar that you can use so good at check it out i’ll leave a link down below number five the radiant player for google play music if you have a read some YouTube red subscription or if he just started subscribe to google music this is a fantastic application use you can set up your library’s run anything you want inside that you can see this guy’s you know top charts new releases I always like to just make my own playlist that’s on here now I know there’s other applications you can do four different you know music players but the nice thing about this one is if we minimize the screen to the top it does allow you to use your media keys on your keyboard for your play your fast forward you know you rewind skip songs hip cracks shuffle random you can even thumbs up or thumbs down if you wanted to add it to the list tell what it’s about so it works really great and you can just play anytime you want literally hit play on your keyboard opens up this application starts playing music and you’re basically instead DJ to do whatever you want to do with it so that’s a great application i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to hit that thumbs up and like subscribe for more videos like this and i’ll see you guys on the next video

12 thoughts on “5 Must Have Mac Apps 2019 Edition

  1. Excellent video. Just one quick question…I always thought that spectacle didn't allow for users to drag and then snap windows…but your video appears to do so. What version of Spectacle are you using? Are you sure you don't have another app (perhaps Alfed) that might be doing the drag to snap instead of Spectacle?

  2. You have BetterTouchTool which does the snapping as well.. Why did you recommend Spectacle instead?

    And also check out BeardedSpice, it allows you to use the media buttons for Websites such as Youtube, Soundcloud or Google Play, way better than an extra dedicated app if you ask me

  3. your battery cycles says 6 which either means u have a new machine or you are leaving the charging plug in all the time.. if its the latter dats not healthy ..

  4. If you're a Google Play Music subscriber, you should check out the Android app called Music Mate, either on a phone/tablet or in something like Bluestacks. It lets you save your Google Play Music library directly to your device disconnected from the service. I like using it to access the music in apps other than GPM.

  5. Nice list of Mac apps. I'm glad you've mentioned 1Password, which I find really useful.

    I also use and recommend BatchPhoto. It's an app designed to edit multiple photos at once. Really useful if you have to resize, watermark, date stamp or retouch images in bulk.

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