16 thoughts on “3D Builder App & Kinect

  1. This is really outdated, it doesn't work for some time now and there is no support. Ignore this product all together and search for working alternatives such as autodesk etc.

  2. Dose 3D Builder App Work in Windows 7, If is it not which software can be use for 3D scanning with Kinect V2 ….?

  3. Is the HD 520 of current Surface Pro 4 with i5 strong enought for 3d Scanning with Kinect v2 and 3D Builder?
    I'm currently scanning with my Desktop PC with i52500k @ 4,2ghz an and a GTX 1070 πŸ˜‰ and i'm wondering if i would get good results with a Surface Pro 4 i5.

  4. The Microsoft Store is broken for me, and nothing will install from it.

    Is there a mirror for this app somewhere else?

  5. This product is way too basic, some good ideas, limited tools, too slow, too much Microsoft Hype, too little too late and yea they gave up on Kinect – a shame really that they cant match the hype – sounded promising

  6. I have a Kinect v2 connected to my win 10 pc and have 3d builder installed but there is no Scan button visible in 3d Builder whats going wrong?

  7. I can't scan in 3D Builder now that I have Windows 10. Is there any solution to this problem yet? All I find on the topic is people with the same problem.

  8. Hey, beside the fail that we can't buy "Kinect for Windows" anywhere here and that your german support tells us to buy Kinect for Xbox with the adapter instead… I would like to ask how to get the whole thing mobile? Do I really need to tinker my own powersupply and sacrifice a 50EURO PC-adapter?

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