1. If I was Lori I'd tell her you – you could have one IF you replaced Lucy(knowing you'd never replace Lucy) =P

  2. Do you get moldy eggs? If or when that happens, what do you do? I mean, can you stop the mold spreading?

  3. Your absolutely right , Retics are what draws the fans in to handle and go nuts, big animals that just aren’t realistic to keep at home is what brings the party, Great luck with an awesome Pied Girl ..

  4. Pghcoralguys, have a great trip be safe and have fun. Can't wait to see what comes up on the vlog from it trip!!! Awesome vlog as always!!

  5. I quite agree with Lori. You don't need a new anaconda. Your's is going to get big eventually it is useless to get another one. But a cow relic would be an awesome addition to add to the reptarium and I think Nerd has some. ^_^ So good luck with your project.

  6. Watch your videos daily hoping one day I can make a vist up there wife hates snakes lol maybe you can change her mind lol

  7. I totally agree with Lori on that. You don't need a big old pied retic you have awesome retics already.

  8. I think Brian should get a hair cut. I like the long hair but i think he would look really good with the sides and back cut to like a 1 or a 0 with the top long so he can slick it over like a fade i guess.

  9. I absolutely love that you had an axolotl shirt on 😍. Have you ever thought about keeping axolotls at the reptarium?

  10. Hey guys have fun I just can’t get enough of this channel u guys r awesome the colours of those babies r gorgeous I’m so lookin for to the next few vlogs have fun 🙂

  11. Hey brian. Can i get some help. My dad has a Columbian redtail boa and he doesn't want to eat and seems to be really sick. About a month ago we fed him a small rat but he ended up throwing it up and he doesn't want to eat anymore. And he is always leaning his head backwards for some reason.

  12. HI Brian
    i love your videos and your reptiles
    reptiles are my favorite creatures.
    i hope to visit your park someday.

  13. I grew up in Salt Lake City Utah and I miss it! Be sure to go on a hike! So many pretty sights and in the mountains it’s cooler. And be on the look out garter snakes are everywhere!

  14. Brian! There is an 5.5 meter(18 foot ) 2016 Male green anaconda available on the morph market website
    They are asking $800.00 and he is on rats
    Just thought I would give u a heads up since you are looking 💕 located in Virginia Havoc exotics
    Puppy dog tame

  15. Ok Laurie let him have his bigger snake … I’m sure there’s something you want, a nice handbag or a gold necklace or a girls weekend away??? Play your cards while he’s in the mood🤷🏼‍♀️ but make it go your way💃🏼💃🏼love you guys and your videos…keep them coming!!!

  16. The smokies mountains may not be at big as in Utah, but they are super green and full of snakes. If ever you want to visit Dollywood in Tennessee, hit me up and I might be able to get you some cheap tickets.

  17. Hello Brian I was wondering in the next video that you do could you give me some advice on how to slowly get a ball python from being like shy and timid I have one every time I go to pick him up he didn't we balls up I need some advice on how to get him a little more friendly not so scary

  18. Hello BRIAN I really like your vedios . it’s been almost 6 months since I started watching your channel. And I really love your work with the animals . I’m from India in small city called mangalore and we don’t have anything like that repterium. This is my first comment that I have ever made . Hope you see and reply . Say hi to Lori and Noah. 😀😀😀

  19. I agree with Lori I think the reptarium already has plenty of retics. I think the more variety of species the better!

  20. Got a question for you brian. I'll start by saying I love what you do. I have problems with depression and ever since I came across your videos I have felt my depression decrease drastically. I have gotten back into reptiles and have been taking better care of all my snakes. Not that I wasn't taking care of them i was slacking though and not getting them out to stretch and what not. You truly have helped me get out of a dark and lonely place and for that I am grateful. I'm sure a lot of people out there are. Now to my question. Why does it cost so much for a private tour with you at the reptarium ? My fiance thinks it's way over priced and you don't have a good reason to charge so much. I think you do have a good reason and am trying to save up to get a tour with you. Just curious as why it costs that much. Any way keep doing what you do.

  21. Hi Brian,
    I just watched a time-lapsed video of some beardies hatching. It was fascinating. It would be great to see time-lapsed videos of your hatchling snakes. Also, it goes right through me when you refer to some of your lovelies as “just a this or just a that”. I think they all are awesome, no “just a anything”. All are wonders. I am addicted to simply watching snakes on YouTube. Bless you for what you’re doing.

  22. I love the question you ask Lori. Can we sale some of our retics to buy a anaconda or a pie retic! Lmao. Win win situation… A question with a answer love it Brian 😊👍

  23. It was so great to be able to meet you guys. Remy and I got home and he was so excited he had to tell all the neighbors he could and spent over 20mins statically telling his big brother about meeting you guys and seeing all the animals. He was so tired he fell asleep mid talk lol

  24. I like your idea about the pied retic! Of course Lori will say yes…she loves you! That counts, right? Lol

  25. You make my day and I love how you give me so much information. Everyday I learn something new from you. I love your videos so inspiring 🙂

  26. would Megan aka MegaConda be able to help you with a big anaconda ? Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj2YsYnBvlQAIz2lY1LYPww

  27. Hi brian my snake just pasted away his name was henry i loved him man it was a ratesnake i miss him so much i cryd alot. he was not only a friend he was a brother aswell R.I.P my snake henry

  28. Noah as a kid: “Mommy can I have…”

    Lori: “Is it alive?” 😂😂😂

    Not that he needs encouragement but I was commenting about how gorgeous Kevin’s baby pied retics were the other day and now I kinda (almost) feel bad 😂 Sorry Lori! 😂

  29. Your conversation with Lori is exactly like my house!! Except I won’t trade anything out, just add. Lol My husband says, “Hard pass.” 😂

  30. Hi Brian, what is the process to watch the live cam? Can you have a vlog in the beginning on how to set up to watch it. Ty

  31. Hi Brian! I know you probably will never even see this but I just wanted to say what a huge fan I am! I absolutely love your channel and have learned so much! I hope that one day I will be able to afford to travel to America and visit the Reptarium, it’s defo one my bucket list! Thanks so much for what you all do! Fay x

  32. Must admit I'm kinda on Lori's side, you have a lotta retics. Yes big snakes are impressive but it is cool seeing your smaller Big snakes grow up. Try not to be impatient… lol. Seriously though, I'm sure you have the itch for a pied retic from Nerd…are you not concerned about their temperament issues? He even made a point to bring it up early in his video. They said he works with those snakes everyday and one of the two still was having trust issues. Do you still have the last cow retic that has/had temperament issues? The one that was living in a rack in the dungeon?

  33. After watching your videos for the past month or so and now having my own mystic ball python and reading up on snakes ive been really inspired to start breeding myself, i hope to start around this time next year👍🏻

  34. You should atleast keep them with a cold and warm side hide its natural for snakes to wanna hide and regulate body temp it stresses them out to sit out in the open constantly look at snake discoveries racks she is a perfect example that you can keep them in racks and while giving the animal what it needs to live and be happy and if it cost to much or is to much work to keep them like that then dont keep so many animals

  35. Brian I love you but your wife is truly my fav… I want her advice on what to get me and my son for our first snake or lizard. I am learning what i beed to know from you… But i still want the misses advice…. Please help me lol

  36. Hey Brian,I just had my first clutch of Carpet Python eggs hatch for about 7 days now and I was told to take them out of the incubator and ito their own little containers.Can I handle them a bit before their first shed?Also I felt better about having them in the incubator due to the controlled environment.Is it ok to keep them in the Incubator??

  37. Just keep the retics and when u make space to the other building u can get your pied retic. And why get rid of them when they been with u for a long time

  38. Your not treating your snakes right everyone un subscribe and watch snake discoveries brian you too and use actual habitats ok

  39. Oh man I wish I’d know y’all was here in salt lake! I missed the vlog a few days and am now just catching up

  40. We recently got a ball python we named her Star and she's a total sweetheart my point is though I am still a young viewer but I have a great love of snakes and this is an awesome video!! And btw facing fears are really hard so yeah good job ☺

  41. That conversation u had with Lori, mid-video was hysterical. Lol. My wife whent to the garage (my man cave) and said "does that conversation remind you of something" ?

    My thing is 'guns'. After we have our "bills talk" I tell her….. "so can I get a new .44 ? Or a Galil" ? Lol

  42. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🐍🐍🐍no

  43. You guys do realize when Lori reacts the way she does it’s because she has had experiences before where Brian took in animals he ultimately couldn’t care for that then were neglected or died. I used to follow his channel back in the day when I started getting into reptiles and was thinking about getting some as pets. One of his earliest videos I remember involved him buying hundreds of baby leopard geckos and Lori telling him and the camera that he was going to kill all of them basically by neglect. Another example would be the giant python he had that had a respiratory infection for months, with his viewers telling him about it, that then developed into mouth rot. No it is not an underbite or an overbite or whatever, parts of that snakes mouth have literally rotted away. I also really don’t like that his argument for getting another retic. Is essentially “people like and want to see big snakes”. (Around 6:40) I feel like this is immature thinking when talking about a living being. It’s entirely possible that he wants a new retic. As a part of his zoo for admission to go up as well as his views and subscribers. I can see the thumbnail now.. “ENORMOUS PYTHON BITES ME!” Sounds like him doesn’t it? If it doesn’t go in the zoo it gets to live it’s life in a plastic container that’s about twice as big as it with no room to stretch out. Certain snakes need larger enclosures than others it’s true, but all should be able to spread from one side of the enclosure to the other. If it’s a breed that is uncomfortable with large spaces that’s where stimulation comes in by adding extra hides, plants, rocks, driftwood, etc. so they feel comfortable moving through their enclosure. It’d be like keeping a dog in a cage with only food and water its entire life. No toys. Nothing to interact with. Except for a guy who comes every once and again to provoke you into biting him.

  44. Don’t understand why he has to ask permission when they live in the bhb or reptarium it’s not like there in their house oh and it would benefit there businesses love Lori and Brian so much but just wondering why it’s all her decisions 🤔💚

  45. My birthday is in a week, so I’m trying to do all the research I can, getting a tank and supplies ready so I can have a snake of my own! I’m planning on buying from you guys so, don’t mind me passing through trying to see what morph I want to save up for!

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